Journal : HUANQIU.COM Date : Author : Global Network Military Report Page No. : NA
The first ship of the 22350 type frigate “Gorshkov Marshal” According to the report, the nuclear submarine will locate the imaginary enemy and issue a target guidance command  to the frigate to launch the “Zircon” missile, and the air defense missile system of the frigate will be used to provide cover to the submarine. This kind of coordination will destroy the enemy ship by surprise and without the enemy’s awareness.Former Russian navy submarine captain and navy colonel Igor Kulkin said, “Submarines can find targets, keep track of them, and issue instructions to the frigate. Therefore, the frigate can use its own weapons at the longest distance without need to enter the enemy’s fire zone”. After the strike, the submarine can monitor whether it hits the target, and if necessary, it can use its own weapons to carry out a second strike. The “Yasen” nuclear submarine also carries torpedoes and missile weapons, including “zircon” hypersonic missiles.”Zircon” is a kind of Russia’s hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile with a speed of Mach 8.  Pre-installation tests are now nearing completion. On October 6, the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” completed the first launch of the “Zircon” hypersonic missile from the White Sea to a maritime target in the Barents Sea. On November 25, the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” “Zircon” missile hit a target 450 kilometers in the White Sea.

The 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov” frigate carries the “Zircon” hypersonic missile. This type of main ship entered service in 2018, and the national level testing of the second ship is nearing completion. The third ship will enter the fleet before the end of 2021, and three more ships will enter the fleet before the end of 2026. The Type 885 “Yasen” nuclear submarine is a kind of multifunctional submarine in Russia. It is regarded as one of the smallest submarines in the world. There is already one enlisted, and a total of 10 such nuclear submarines are planned to be produced.

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