Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Li Haidong Page No. : NA

An obituary of the noted Chinese American scholar Fu Gaoyi, one time Director of the Fairbank Center for East Asian Affairs and author of the best seller “Deng Xiaoping Times”, Japan’s New Middle Class and other books, who is reputed to have also served as a secret emissary for former US President Bush to China. The opportunity is taken to bemoan the ‘anti-Chinese’ mind-set of the majority of scholars and experts in the US and the West as a whole today by positing truly ‘knowledgeable on China’ and falsely ‘knowledgeable on China’ factions in the academia, ignoring completely the reasons for the general trend of shift in the scholarly world’s take on China as a result of its actions and policies over the years, particularly of late.



In recent years, rational and objective views on China have been blocked, and distorted extreme views on China have become rampant. …….It is indeed unfortunate that the rational and objective “intellectuals” have lost their power. Objectively speaking, the death of Fu Gaoyi is a big loss to Sino-US relations, but the more China-US relations are at a critical turning point, the more it is necessary to call for the emergence of more “Fu Gaoyi-style” truly “knowledgeable” persons in order to curb the current spread of unhealthy political atmospherics toward China in America.

(The author is a Professor at the Institute of International Relations, China Foreign Affairs University)

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