Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Xiao Yun, Liu Zhi Page No. : 2
“India-Russia annual summit was cancelled for the first time in 20 years.” According to Indian media reports of the 24th, the two countries’ officials issued a statement on Wednesday, emphasizing that the cancellation of the Ssummit was due to the impact of the new corona pneumonia epidemic, not due to tensions between the two countries, as reported by the Indian “The Print” news network.

According to a RIA Novosti report on the 24th, the Russian Ambassador to India Kudashev said that the Russian-Indian strategic partnership is still booming. Despite being affected by the epidemic, Russia and India still maintain close ties and will set a new date for the Summit. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Srivastava said on the 23rd that the cancellation of the Summit was a joint decision made after consultations between the two governments. He emphasized that any interpretation to the contrary is wrong, and it is extremely irresponsible to spread false information about relations between important countries. According to media reports, the India-Russia annual Summit may be held early next year.

Since 2000, India and Russia have been holding annual summits, which is the highest institutional dialogue mechanism in the strategic partnership between the two countries. The Indian “The Print” news network previously quoted sources as saying that the India-Russia summit was cancelled because Moscow was uneasy about India’s participation in the U.S.-led “four-party security dialogue” mechanism. The comments made by the Russian side caused dissatisfaction with the Indian side and there is tension on the relationship. Russia’s attempt to mediate in the border dispute between China and India also made New Delhi feel “a certain degree” of dissatisfaction. According to sources, India and Russia originally planned to hold an online summit in September or October this year, but in the end this plan was not realized. The report also mentioned that Indian Prime Minister Modi held an online Summits with leaders of several other countries this year, including Australian Prime Minister Morrison, even in the wake of the epidemic, .

Rahul Gandhi, one of the leaders of India’s largest opposition party, the Congress Party, tweeted that Russia is a very important friend of India and that “destroying our traditional relationship is short-sighted and dangerous to our future”. His statement was criticized by the Indian government. However, some Indian netizens posted on Twitter expressing dissatisfaction with the foreign policy of the Modi government. A netizen said that all neighboring countries of India are not friendly towards New Delhi, and now the “old friend” Moscow is also turning hostile. Some netizens criticized that India is now a vassal of the United States.

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