Journal : CCTV Date : Author : Central Radio and Television International Online Reporters Wei Yuchen, Li Min, Xu Tao, Gu Xin, Tang Ye, Zhou Lin) Page No. : NA
Extracts:………… “The operation of the AIIB has a broad value chain. Many countries and companies benefit from AIIB’s investment projects. Usually these projects are mainly concentrated in the fields of health, transportation, energy and communications. These projects are creating Employment opportunities also create income for local people.”

Over the past five years, the AIIB has always maintained the highest credit rating of the three major international credit rating agencies. The circle of friends is getting bigger and bigger, the good partners are getting more and more, and the quality of cooperation is getting higher and higher. ………..

During the new corona pneumonia epidemic this year, the AIIB invested for the first time to support response to public health emergencies, and established a US$10 billion new corona pneumonia crisis recovery fund to provide financial support for the emergency public health needs of member countries and provide infrastructure projects severely affected by the epidemic And other productive areas to provide financing. In this regard, Brazilian economist and director of the Brazil China Studies Center, Ronnie Lins, said: “The AIIB has provided members with new choices in financing. The establishment of the (New corona Pneumonia Crisis Recovery Fund) shows that the AIIB has established As a mechanism for rapid recovery in a crisis, the recovery fund launched by the AIIB has enabled countries in need to receive financial support to deal with crises such as the new corona epidemic.”

……………In the past five years, the AIIB has grown from 57 founding members to 103 members from six continents in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania, providing members with a total of US$20 billion in infrastructure project investment. Involving energy, transportation, finance, water resources and urban development and other fields. Oshin, an analyst at the Russian Free Financial Investment Corporation, said that as a new force in the international multilateral development organization, the financial support provided by the AIIB has brought confidence to the international community……………..

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