Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Our correspondent in India Hu Bofeng Our correspondent Tan Furong Page No. : NA

India’s latest “retaliation against China” ? According to the “Times of India” report of the 28th, the Indian government has “unofficially” required all airlines to prohibit entry of Chinese passengers. The Indian media reported that this was India’s response and retaliation against China’s prohibition of entry of Indian citizens. The reason is that since November this year, China has taken “unconcealed actions to prevent Indians from flying to China” and “even suspend visas for Indians”. In addition, it is reported that some Indian crew members are “trapped in various ports in China” due to the fact that the cargo ships carrying Australian coal are “languishing in Chinese ports.”

The Indian media reported that in the past weekend, all airlines, including Indian Airlines and foreign airlines, have been expressly required not to carry Chinese citizens to India. However, some airlines asked the Indian government to provide written orders of relevant regulations so that they have sufficient reasons to refuse boarding of Chinese citizens travelling to India. According to the “Huan Qiu Shi Bao” reporter, due to epidemic control reasons, China and India have currently suspended flights between China and India. However, some Chinese citizens still travel to India via temporary flights between India and European countries.

What exactly is the “reason for revenge” that has made Indians very angry? Regarding the so-called “November suspension”, a reporter from the Huan Qiu Shi Bao noticed that on a flight from India to China to evacuate overseas Chinese that month, about 20 people tested positive for the new corona virus. However, Air India, which flew the flight, stated that the airline “strictly abides by various epidemic prevention and safety operations” during the carriage process, and all passengers “have a negative test report for the new coronavirus issued by a certified laboratory”. The Times of India also acknowledged in the report that the relevant measures of the Chinese side are in line with the flight “fuse” regulations.

Regarding the visa issue, on November 4 and 5, due to the second wave of epidemics that were out of control in many countries, the Chinese Embassies in many countries issued notices respectively to suspend the holders of current valid Chinese visas and work-related visas in these countries. Private affairs and group residence permits to enter China. Including India, but also other countries such as Britain and France. A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said at the time that this was a temporary measure taken as a last resort in response to the epidemic.

As for the fact that Indian crew members were unable to disembark in China, an anonymous source from the Indian Maritime Affairs and Foreign Affairs Department told the Huan Qiu Shi Bao reporter on the 28th that the two freighters carrying 39 Indian crew members arrived in Jingtang, China in June and September this year at the Caofeidian Port, but have not yet been able to enter the port for unloading. Due to being held up in the freighter for a long time , the crew suffered physical and mental problems. The Indian side believes that the cause of this situation is Sino-Australian antagonism, because the cargo on the freighter comes from Australia. The Indian side also stated that although it has negotiated with the Chinese for several rounds and hopes to at least allow the crew to land and rotate, the Chinese side “continues to repeat the rules regarding the rotation of foreign crew members during the epidemic” and “the purpose is actually to force us to retreat when we are in trouble” .

The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly responded to relevant issues. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated again on the 25th that the relevant local Chinese authorities have been maintaining close communication with the Indian side, promptly responding to all their requests, and providing necessary convenience and assistance under the premise of complying with the relevant epidemic prevention regulations. The crew is allowed to be replaced under relevant anti-epidemic regulations, but Jingtang Port and Caofeidian Port are not included. Whether the cargo party is willing to adjust the operation arrangements is up to its own discretion”.

Some analysts said that China-India relations have been severely damaged due to the border confrontation. for India, it does not seem wise to let emotions take over and interpret that China is “targeting India” and “suppressing India”, and then take the so-called “retaliatory measures”.

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