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Another backhanded attack? According to India’s New Delhi Television (NDTV), on December 29, local time, Chief of Staff of the Indian Air Force (IAF) Bhadauria, talking about the months-long standoff between China and India, claimed that a serious armed conflict with India would not be in China’s best interests. Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe has said that the cause and truth of the current tensions along the Sino-Indian border are clear and that the responsibility lies entirely with the Indian side.

Photo:  IAF Chief of Staff Bhadauria

According to the report, in Bhadauria’s view, “evolving global geopolitical uncertainty and instability,” coupled with “the inadequate contribution of major powers to global security,” provide China with “an opportunity to demonstrate its strength.

(NDTV: Indian Air Force Chief of Staff Badauria said that serious conflicts with India will do China no good.)

Bhadauria claimed, “Any serious conflict would do China no good. If China is globally minded, then (a border standoff) is not in line with their grand plans”. At the same time, Bhadauria continued to hype that day that China had deployed a large number of radars and missiles near the Line of Actual Control, “but we have taken all necessary actions”.

The remarks quickly drew attention and also sparked discussions on social media. Some netizens said, “(Clash with China), it may be worse for India.” ↓ 

China and India held their eighth round of military commanders level talks on the border on Nov. 6, and the date for subsequent talks has not been set. In this context, senior Indian military and diplomatic officials have continued to cry foul. As previously reported by Indian media, Indian Chief of Defense Staff Rawat said on Dec. 14 that the country’s army, navy and air force “are working at a high level of readiness” and “have sufficient strength to deal with any threat or challenge from the border.

Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe has already said that relations between the two countries and militaries have recently been seriously affected by the border issue and that it is very important for the two Defense Ministers to meet face-to-face for a frank exchange of views on the issue. The cause and truth of the current tensions on the Sino-Indian border are clear, and the responsibility lies entirely with the Indian side. China cannot lose an inch of its territory, and the Chinese army is fully determined, capable and confident to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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