Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Liu Haoran Page No. : NA

The more you meditate, the more conceited you become? Meditation training was originally designed to achieve relaxation in a state of “egolessness”, but according to the latest psychological research, this kind of spiritual training only inflates the “ego” more.

The British “Times” reported on the 29th that Funk, a professor of social psychology at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, conducted a survey of 3,700 volunteers, trying to study the impact of mental training on self-perception — this is the first time that the psychology community has commissioned research on the subject of “spiritual superiority”. The staff included eliciting psychometric questions such in the questionnaire, such as asking whether they agree with statements like “based on my personal experience and education, I am more insightful than others”, “I know the world better than others”, “if others can have the same depth as me, then the world will become better” and other such “conceited” thoughts.

Test results show that people who regularly practise spiritual training such as meditation are much more “self-righteous” than others. For example, people who have been trained in “mindfulness meditation” scored 50 points higher on this answer sheet than those who were not trained. And those trained to perceive the “three chakras and seven channels” and go back to the “previous life and afterlife” came out as even more “superior” to the higher-level meditation practitioners, with an average score 67 points higher than that of the untrained.

Funk believes that people may be controlled by deeper desires in the process of meditation and thus “get carried away”.

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