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Since this year, the new corona pneumonia epidemic has hit the economies of various countries hard, international trade and investment has shrunk sharply, the global industrial chain supply chain has been hit and the world economy is experiencing unprecedented difficulties and challenges.

However, the difficult road to recovery is not all that obscure. With the arrival of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, a series of major disruptive technological innovation and the resulting new industries, and with new cocoon-breaking trends in information technology, biotechnology, intelligent manufacturing and others gradually penetrating into various areas of economic development. It can be said that the world is entering a critical period of development of emerging industries. Among them, the digital economy, new energy vehicles and medical industry are particularly outstanding.

Digital economy ushered in the blowout. The latest report of the China Academy of Information and Communication Research, “New Picture of the Global Digital Economy (2020) – New Momentum for Sustainable Development under the Great Change”, shows that in 2019, the size of the digital economy in 47 economies around the world reached USD 31.8 trillion, with a nominal growth of 5.4% year-on-year, higher than the nominal global GDP growth of 3.1 percentage points in the same period. growth rate of 3.1 percentage points. This year, in particular, the digital economy has shown resilience when most offline industries have been halted by the epidemic. Telemedicine, online education, sharing platforms, co-working, and cross-border e-commerce flourished, playing an important role in promoting economic stability in all countries and facilitating international cooperation to fight the epidemic.

New energy vehicles are at a premium. In recent years, countries around the world have attached great importance to climate issues and striven to alleviate global climate change through a series of means such as energy saving and emission reduction, improving energy structure, and promoting industrial upgrading to deal with a series of problems such as global warming. In this process, new energy vehicles are one of the well-deserved highlights. Globally, the rapid rise of Tesla and other new energy vehicle enterprises, traditional car companies have also accelerated the pace of transformation, including batteries, industrial design and a series of supporting enterprises and charging piles and other supporting infrastructure construction has also made a lot of breakthroughs. Especially worth mentioning is that since this year, Tesla’s share price has soared, becoming the world’s highest market capitalization auto group. This means that both the market and capital, all parties are very optimistic about the future of new energy vehicles.

Medical industry accelerates the sprint. In recent years, the global medical market has entered a new stage of transformation and development driven by mobile medical, intelligent medical, telemedicine, etc.. Especially since the new corona pneumonia epidemic, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies have accelerated the transformation of the whole element and process of the traditional medicine and health industry. From timely and accurate release of epidemic information, promoting popularization of science and relieving public anxiety, to online consultation, opening up contactless online medical channels for patients, to using digital tools to provide epidemic prevention services for the public, forming an efficient online and offline “medical” line for the epidemic. This medical plus has been speeding up and has become an important tool for countries to combat epidemics.

In the post-epidemic era, a new generation of innovative information technology applications is leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial change. In this change, the industrial operation system of the industrial economy will undergo fundamental changes. It is foreseeable that, in the coming period, the new industry will become an important track concerning competitiveness and the development potential of each country. Only with innovation can one take the lead, and overtake others on bend the road !

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