Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Felix Salmon, translated by Qiao Heng; Constantine Xie Bin, translated by Liu Yupeng Page No. : NA

Article on the US Axios website on December 29, originally titled: How China will win 2020, being the only major economy in the world to be growing rather than shrinking with the year about to end.

This is very important. China is currently operating on a strong basis. Columbia University historian Adam Totz said: “No matter how many times you have heard the story of China’s growth, it is still impressive”. It is estimated that by the end of next year, China’s economy is expected to expand by 10.6% compared to the beginning of this year.  In contrast, the US economy has shrunk by 3.6% this year, and its size at the end of 2021 will only increase by 0.25% over that at the beginning of this year. Therefore, if Biden regards China as a serious competitor, during his tenure, competition from China will be fiercer than at any time in history.

A few months after the outbreak of the new corona epidemic, China was free from it. A study published in The Lancet stated that China has made full and effective use of its central response system and its experience in responding to SARS. Wuhan was the first area to be blocked to control the epidemic. Today, the nightclubs there are full of carnival crowds. Economists say that many factories in China are overloaded and are making up for the reduction in production capacity caused by the epidemic in the country and other parts of the world.

China has never been so strong, and it is now the backbone of the world’s largest free trade zone. The “Belt and Road” initiative has also enabled China to gain influence in other parts of the world. All these will require Biden to devote all his charm and diplomatic wisdom.

(Author Felix Salmon, translated by Qiao Heng)

Russian “Strategic Evaluation and Forecasting Center” website December 30th article, original title: What will China’s Year of the Taurus bring? 2021 is the Chinese Year of the Ox, not an ordinary Year of the Ox, but the Year of the Golden Ox. Economists believe that 2021 will be a “golden year” for China. Observers believe that China’s economy will see a breakthrough growth in the coming year, and GDP is expected to grow by 8% or more. The Central Economic Work Conference held in December in China has determined the main directions and key tasks of next year’s economic policy. In order to allow people to consume more actively, the government will increase consumer confidence further in the future.

In the new year, China is expected to make various achievements in science and technology. The entire country will continue to pay close attention to the first exploratory mission to Mars. China will build its own space station-in the future, it will be the only space station in the world. China will continue to increase its degree of autonomy in the field of advanced computer technology. This is especially important given the various restrictions imposed by the United States on Chinese companies.

The first major event in the field of social life in China in 2021 is the “Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China” officially came into effect on January 1. Observers believe that the upward trend in the economic and social fields will create a favorable atmosphere for celebrating the grand political anniversary in July 2021 of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

(Author Constantine Xie Bin, translated by Liu Yupeng)

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