Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

India’s website reported on the 30th that some reporters believed that Prime Minister Modi (pictured) seems to have not trimmed his beard since the lockdown due to the epidemic. Indian cartoonists also gave their own explanations for Modi’s changing appearance over the years. Cartoonists believe that the length of Modi’s beard is about to match that of the famous Indian poet Tagore. One cartoonist said: “Modi’s face is not difficult to draw, but the challenge is that when you are ready to draw, he has a completely different look than before”. The cartoonist added that while age definitely affects appearance, behavior change reflects the change in the political fortunes of a person.

In addition to the cartoonist’s explanation, the Hindustan Times also published an analysis saying that the reason for Modi not trimming his beard may have arisen from a local religious custom that does not allow believers to trim their beard and hair.

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