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The Chinese military today announced the deeds of five heroes who fought bravely and even sacrificed their lives in the conflict between China and India in the Galwan Valley last year. The true situation of the four lives sacrificed by our army in that conflict is made known to the world. The above disclosure and announcement made at this time clearly are of important significance, as follows.

First, to recognize all the heroes such as Captain Qi Fa Bao, to comfort the spirits of the four martyrs who sacrificed their lives. At that time the situation (ahead) was pressing, and it was more conducive to stabilizing the border situation not to make a comparison of the casualties on both sides. Now that the wave of affairs has come to an end, we must make the deeds of the heroes known to the world, and (express) the nation’s admiration and remembrance of them to promote understanding of the true weight of peace in this era. It has been long since China lost any soldiers in conflicts with foreign countries, and the heroic dedication of young soldiers born in 1995 and 2000 has caused nationwide shock.

Third, this commendation and commemoration is another declaration that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has a firm will and sufficient ability to defend the country’s territorial sovereignty and annihilate all invading enemies. The People’s Liberation Army not only abides by the rules, but is also loyal to its duties. No matter how the battle is fought, it will win. No one can think of undercutting China’s territorial sovereignty and national interests and no one will be able to overwhelm or restrain the People’s Liberation Army in any way. India suffered a big loss in 1962. This time it thought it was strong, and was taught a bitter lesson by the People’s Liberation Army for its adventurism. Hopefully, they will remember this pain for some more years.

Fourth, China’s tussle with India on the border is rational, powerful, and restrained. The People’s Liberation Army wins battles in emergencies and can withstand them and retract when necessary. We not only responded to India’s provocations resolutely, but also created conditions for not expanding border frictions into a full-scale conflict, leaving enough room for pushing back the Indian provocations and for both countries to actively manage border disputes. The Chinese military and the Chinese people always desire peace, and the Chinese side was very restrained in its language against India this time, in line with this long-standing philosophy of ours.

Fifth, the border issue between China and India is very complicated, with a lot of things constantly coming together beyond the territorial disputes between the two countries, including the beacon drums of great power rivalry. China’s release of some details at this time demonstrates the country’s strategic wisdom and sense of rhythm in dealing with complex matters. Including our majesty as a great power, and our goodwill as a neighbor. China’s rise has shaken the world, and the repercussions have been mixed. China is not a selfish and brutal force. We are always well-founded and stable and full of stamina, being able to move forward and backward.

In short, China is a very good friend and collaborator, and a reasonable and patient handler of disputes. Our hands are first and foremost for handshakes and hugs, but remember also that our friendly hands can turn into strong fists when violated. We have 1.4 billion hard-working and brave people, and we have soldiers and warriors who have the courage to sacrifice their lives for the safety and well-being of the motherland. Friendly cooperation and building peace will always be the best choice for both China and foreign countries.


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