Journal : Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

Extracts from Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference


Prasar Bharati: India and South Africa put forward a proposal in October last year, in which they demanded at World Trade Organization that intellectual property regime should be waived for COVID vaccines, medicines and other logistics. Will China join this initiative?

Zhao Lijian: You are asking about a matter in another professional field. I’d refer you to the competent authorities.

Prasar Bharati: Regarding my previous question on the WTO, I have already asked the commerce ministry and I did not get any response from them. And also this question is not purely related to commerce. It has a diplomatic angle as well. That’s why I asked the foreign ministry, whether you had considered this proposal. Do you have any comment on it?

Zhao Lijian: Earlier I stated China’s position. I can help to convey your questions to the competent authorities.

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