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The Indian “Cattle Science” exam, originally scheduled to be held on the 25th, was postponed indefinitely. “Indian Express” reported on the 23rd that the day after Kadilia, the Chairman of the Indian Government’s Milk Cow Welfare Agency (RKA), left his post on the 20th, the “oxology” exam was announced to be postponed.

According to reports, during Kadilia’s two-year tenure, his own remarks on “cow science” have repeatedly caused controversy. He once stated, “In order to achieve the goal of India’s GDP reaching 5 trillion U.S. dollars by 2024, the 194,000 cows in India will play an important role. Even if cows do not produce milk, their feces are precious. If we use them, India’s entire economy will be on track”.

In addition, under the leadership of Kadilia, RKA even published a 54-page “Cow Science” exam reference material on its official website. The topics include Indian cattle better than foreign cattle because Indian cattle “have emotional perception” unlike slaughter cows. With regard to the “connection” with the earthquake, the “superiority” of Indian dairy cows compared to foreign breeds and the benefits of cow dung, this information caused an uproar on the Internet.

Although Kadilia’s sudden resignation and examination delays surprised many people, according to sources, many people in the Indian government were dissatisfied with Kadilia’s previous remarks, which they believed were “promoting pseudoscience.” 

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