Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA
“India Today” reported on the 27th that a man in Telangana in southern India took his rooster to participate in an illegal cockfighting competition, but was accidentally killed by his rooster.

According to reports, the man is named Satish and is 45 years old. To win, he tied a 7.5 cm blade on the cock’s claws in advance. However, on the eve of the game, the rooster tried to break free, and the blade on the chicken paw accidentally pierced Satish’s groin. After the incident, he was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately died due to excessive blood loss.

The police said that the victim was one of the 16 organizers of the illegal cockfighting competition in the local village. The police are pursuing the remaining 15 persons involved in the crimes of manslaughter and illegal gambling. As for the cock involved, it is currently under the custody of the police for being taken to court as evidence at a later date.

The British “Guardian” stated that cockfighting is explicitly prohibited in rural areas such as Telangana in India. Thousands of roosters are killed in cockfighting every year, and despite the efforts of animal rights organizations, some people still commit crimes. 

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