11187: Indian man masturbates inside public bus, female college student shoots repulsive video Global Times (Chinese)
11096: Video of abuse of children in India arouses popular indignation Global Times (Chinese)
11024: Indians love to wish each other good morning but not enough mobile (memory) space Global Times (Chinese)
10889: Taking selfies with wild elephants turns into a deadly game Global Times (Chinese)
10869: Indian tradition of studying in Britain has been hit by China Global Times (Chinese)
10868: Man forced to marry a strange woman at gunpoint in India Global Times (Chinese)
10808: Indian courts orders DNA test of dead baby to convict suspect in rape case dropped by victim Global Times (Chinese)
10713: Two students expelled from school in India for controversy over hugging each other Global Times (Chinese)
Another Indian “guru” accused of rape Global Times (Chinese)
Marvel of Mumbai “dabbawalas” lunch box deliveries Jiefang Daily
Indian high officials’ “discriminatory remarks” against women irk public Global Times (Chinese)
10664: Do not harass women Global Times (Chinese)
10597: Ivanka’s dressing hurts Indian media sensibility/self-esteem Journal Not Selected
10561: Indian Madhya Pradesh province wants to death penalty for raping minors Global Times (Chinese)
India sets up women’s mounted police to check crimes against women People's Daily (Chinese)
Indian official criticised for describing cancer as “divine retribution” Global Times (Chinese)
Shocking case of “sexual assault” on female student by 4-year-old boy in India Global Times (Chinese)
10465: Indian teenager brutally murders eight-year-old for delay in exam Global Times (Chinese)
10425: Indian politician makes pet dog popular as an instant online celebrity Global Times (Chinese)
10419: Centenarian Indian raped to death by drunkard Global Times (Chinese)
10346: India: Sex with underage wives is rape Global Times (Chinese)
10293: Indian rapist beaten to death Global Times (Chinese)
Another Indian “Guru” arrested for sexual assault Global Times (Chinese)
Uber apology to Indian customers for messages about “giving wives a day off” Global Times (Chinese)
10230: India plans to punish domestic violence overseas Global Times (Chinese)
Australian ad on “Indian Gods eating meat” hurts Indian feelings Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “greatest female cricket player” criticized for shoulder revealing snap Global Times (Chinese)
10138: In the absence of welfare, religious sects continue to fill the void in India Global Times (Chinese)
Indian hero police (officer) “runs amuck with bullets” Global Times (Chinese)
10114: Conviction in only a quarter of rape cases in India last year Global Times (Chinese)
Indian “Godman” cries in court upon being sentenced for 20 years Global Times (Chinese)
Sentenced Indian “Godman” loves to make movies Global Times (Chinese)
India prepares to meet the challenge of the “Master’s” imprisonment today Global Times (Chinese)
10070: “Godman” found guilty of rape, leads to at least 31 dead Global Times (Chinese)
Supreme Court of India rules “Talaq” divorce custom as unconstitutional Global Times (Chinese)
9980: 10-year-old Indian rape survivor delivers baby through Caesarean section Global Times (Chinese)
India media: need to compare Chinese capacity to project its narrative with India’s Global Times (Chinese)
9920: Indian politician accuses women of going out late at night Global Times (Chinese)
9895: Indian police couple fired for faking photos of their climbing Everest Global Times (Chinese)
9863: As good as their male colleagues Global Times (Chinese)
“Ghost shaves” causes panic amongst Indian women Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “Silicon Valley” panics at sexual scandal in US Silicon Valley Global Times (Chinese)
9827: Photo item: Drugs Global Times (Chinese)
9820: Indian Coast Guard seizes 1,500 kilograms of heroin People's Daily (Chinese)
9803: India sets up women police squads to deter sexual crimes Global Times (Chinese)
9787: Indian boys to learn domestic science too Global Times (Chinese)
9772: A third of child wives in the world in India Global Times (Chinese)
9766: Avoid wearing revealing dresses in India Global Times (Chinese)
Is the practice of”pricing blind date” only in China ? Global Times (Chinese)
9733: Many in India pray for US visa in temples Global Times (Chinese)
9727: Danger Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “iron lady” registers for marriage Global Times (Chinese)
9711: Indian documentary forbidden to mention cattle Global Times (Chinese)
9703: India lost 7 million girls in ten years Global Times (Chinese)
9690: Tax on sanitary napkins leads to protests in India Global Times (Chinese)
9592: Indian hotels refuse single women Global Times (Chinese)
9482: Can smartphones speed secularism in India? Global Times (English)
8683: Outrage in India after textbook lists ugliness, physical disability as causes for dowry China.org (English)
Indian textbook faces criticism for saying ‘Marrying ugly girl needs dowry’ Global Times (Chinese)
India’s Tamil Nadu passes bill to revive bullfighting sport Jallikattu Xinhua net
8448: 2 killed as bullfighting sport resumes in India Xinhua net
8440: 2 killed as bullfighting sport resumes in India China.org (English)
8387: India’s Modi refuses to overturn Supreme Court ban on bull-wrestling Global Times (English)
8348: Thousands protest against ban on Indian bullfighting China.org (English)
Ruiling party in India’s Tamil Nadu demands ordinance to revive banned Jallikattu bull fighting sport China.org (English)
7394: Transgender women in India face bias China Daily Asia
Indian film ‘exploited’ the plight of garment workers China Daily Asia
6216: Modi in political battle over Muslim divorce law China Daily Asia
Asia’s women dismayed over US vote China Daily Asia
6082: Indian comic creates female superhero fighting sexual assaults Global Times (Chinese)
5750: Asia: Female genital mutilation pervasive China Daily Asia
5682: Indian girl dies of starvation after fasting for 68 days Global Times (Chinese)
5440: Evil mother (Photo) Global Times (Chinese)
5185: Transitioning to equality China Daily Asia
4860: Indian person sues “Pokemon” for offending vegetarians Global Times (Chinese)
Safety tip from India’s tourism minister: Don’t wear skirts ECNS
4450: Female stars move into main spotlight China Daily (English)
3924: India’s bad custom of “tossing the babies to pray for blessings” difficult to change Global Times (Chinese)
3666: Beaten up for skinning a dead cow, riots by Indian Dalits escalate Global Times (Chinese)
3626: Indian rights organization trains 30 Muslim women to be judges Global Times (English)
3622: Indian Muslim women defy tradition China Daily Asia
3496: Dating Apps change marriage and love patterns of Indians Global Times (Chinese)
3398: India’s “secret prescription for giving birth to male babies” does great harm Global Times (Chinese)
3192: Indian temple feeds 20000 mice Global Times (Chinese)
3099: International Widows Day marked in India Global Times (English)
2832: Five Indian men sentenced to life for gang rape of Danish tourist Global Times (Chinese)
2647: Indians shave their heads bald at least once in lifetime Global Times (Chinese)
2625: India arrests suspects after attacks on African nationals Global Times (Chinese)
2578: 42 African Embassies in India protest against racial discrimination Global Times (Chinese)
2283: India: minor girl raped by father gets flogging sentence Global Times (Chinese)
Indian mobile phones forced to install a “protect women” function key Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “dutiful son” Guangming Daily (Chinese)
1774: Indians shave heads in temples for good luck Global Times (Chinese)
Indispensable Indian “magical pharmacies” Global Times (Chinese)
1639: Modi government’s ban on cattle trade financially strains Indian farmers Global Times (Chinese)
Indian Minister’s “Yoga cures cancer” claim questioned Global Times (Chinese)
1616: Edible cutlery Global Times (Chinese)
1569: Wild elephants kill 4 in India Xinhua net
1544: Kashmiri students attacked over beef rumours in Indian university Global Times (English)
1533: Vets amputate leg of police horse allegedly assaulted by lawmaker Xinhua net
1531: Mumbai dance bars to reopen as trafficking fears resurface Global Times (English)
1525: Kashmiri students attacked over beef rumours in Indian university Xinhua net
Dalit man in India hacked to death in “honour killing” Xinhua net
Commission blames police, intelligence failure for 2013 riots in India’s Muzaffarnagar Global Times (English)
1461: 7 arrested for vandalising church in Central India Xinhua net
India’s recent caste violence leaves 30 dead, over 200 injured in Haryana state Xinhua net
1319: Left-wing Indian student protests herald new era of culture war for Modi Global Times (English)
1318: A lesson from caste-triggered India unrest Global Times (English)
1309: Leader of rioting caste group in N. India calls to end violence Xinhua (English)
1305: Water crisis looms large in Indian capital following caste protests Xinhua (English)
1304: Indian army takes over key canal in riot-striken northern state amid capital water shortage Xinhua (English)
Death toll in N. India riots rises to 12 as gov’t appeals for end of violence Xinhua (English)
1300: 10 killed, 150 injured in riots in N. Indian state so far: police Xinhua (English)
1294: Indian Supreme Court refuses to hear bail plea of student leader charged with sedition Xinhua (English)
1283: Indian media mogul charged with murder Global Times (English)
India’s attempt to quash student dissent brings country’s intolerance into focus Xinhua (English)
1269: Indian police arrest former university lecturer on sedition charges Xinhua (English)
“Spring Festival mascot Kangkang” very popular just like Indian monkey God Global Times (Chinese)
India assures action against culprits involved in Tanzanian woman’s assault case Global Times (English)
India assures action against culprits involved in Tanzanian woman’s assault case Xinhua (English)
1201: India orders probe into brutal attack on Tanzanian woman Xinhua (English)
1184: Indian mother tweets for help, Ministry of Railways helps find her daughter back Global Times (Chinese)
1163: 3 sentenced to death for gang-rape, murder in India Xinhua (English)
1151: Agitators in India demanding reservation under quota resort to arson Xinhua (English)
1141: Eating aboard Indian trains Global Times (Chinese)
1140: 7 policemen killed in leftwing rebel attack in central India Xinhua (English)
1084: Serious problem of floating corpses in Ganges in India, Government criticized Global Times (Chinese)
Indian Minister charged for Dalit student’s suicide Xinhua net
1011: Vicious gang rape in India again Jiefang Daily
965: India: Many laws, but few to “discipline” family members of government officials Global Times (Chinese)
919: India still hasn’t confronted its gender issues years after Delhi gang rape Global Times (English)
889: Indian Parliament passes bill to punish juvenile offenders Global Times (Chinese)
875: Young Delhi gang-rapist freed from custody Xinhua (English)
871: Juvenile convict in Delhi gang rape of 2012 released from jail Xinhua (English)
733: Indian artist’s “Flying Cow” causes dispute Global Times (Chinese)
643: Indian PM launches gold monetization scheme Xinhua (English)
621: Indian court expected to sentence Uber rapist Global Times (English)
620: Uber India driver sentenced to life for rape Global Times (English)
606: Indian sailors harassed Korean women in Inchon Guangming Daily (Chinese)
590: India’s ban on surrogacy service to foreigners to hit booming industry Global Times (English)
566: Indian female college students protest dorm curfew Global Times (Chinese)
555:  Muslim teenager’s killing leads to protests Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “Beef Politics” Global Times (Chinese)
543: New Delhi shocked at rape of two girls Global Times (Chinese)
541: Frequent gang rapes of young girls leave India shocked Global Times (Chinese)
530: Huge storm caused by the cow in India leads to arguments between different communities Global Times (Chinese)
529: Poor status of Indian maids, miserable at home and abroad and forgotten by society. Global Times (Chinese)
528: A huge storm caused by the cow in India leads to arguments between different communnities Journal Not Selected
Indian remedy donkey’s milk priced unduly high Global Times (Chinese)
359: 5 women killed in eastern India for allegedly practicing witchcraft Global Times (English)
358: Need to have a toilet at home to be a rural cadre in India Global Times (Chinese)
182: Foreign Media: Almost 50% of Women in India Believe It’s Not Necessary to Use the Internet, Worried that Husband’s Family Will Not Like It Reference News (Can Kao Xiao Xi)
169: Raped Indian nurse dies 42 years after being in a coma Triggers debate once again on making"euthanasia"legal in India Website Ifeng
57: Rape incidents in India affect Indian students studying abroad Global Times (Chinese)
56: India “split” over “India’s Daughter” Global Times (Chinese)
50: Indian rapist says “victim is responsible” Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “love death squads” helps the couple eloped. Global Times (Chinese)