8839: Sweatshop child labor abuse shocks India Global Times (Chinese)
8804: Regional party chief in India jailed in corruption case Xinhua (English)
8750: India promotes total internet coverage in rural areas People's Daily (Chinese)
India’s demonetization policy caught in dilemma People's Daily (Chinese)
8736: India demands doctors to announce fee before treatment Global Times (Chinese)
8727: An Indian state: payment will be deducted if you are unfilial Global Times (Chinese)
Indian city starts ‘signal school’ for street kids China Daily Asia
Jayalalithaa’s close aide Sasikala to become chief minister of India’s Tamil Nadu Xinhua net
Chief minister of India’s Tamil Nadu resigns Xinhua net
Jayalalithaa’s close aide Sasikala to become chief minister of India’s Tamil Nadu China.org (English)
Chief minister of India’s Tamil Nadu resigns China.org (English)
India’s health budget may rise after minister warns of funding crunch China Daily Asia
8353: India’s Modi refuses to overturn Supreme Court ban on bull-wrestling Global Times (English)
8266: Indian Army chief warns soldiers not to use social media to air grievances China Military Online
8226: Amazon selling Indian flag-themed doormats irks India Global Times (Chinese)
8206: Demonetization “throes” of Indian automobile and real estate markets Global Times (Chinese)
Indian Border Security Force calls soldier’s posting video on “bad food” as “misconduct” Global Times (English)
8138: India sells branding rights of trains Global Times (Chinese)
8054: India to issue “identity cards” to 88 million cows Global Times (Chinese)
8014: India to carry out safety audit of coal mines China.org (English)
Indian Railways denies reports of train derailment, says it’s mock drill Global Times (English)
7964: India to prepone General Budget by a month China.org (English)
7955: Politicians in India can’t use religion, caste to court votes Global Times (English)
Modi thanks Indians for support on demonetization on New Year’s Eve Global Times (English)
Modi thanks Indians for support on demonetization on New Year’s Eve Xinhua net
Modi thanks Indians for support on demonetization on New Year’s Eve China.org (English)
7894: Benefits of Indian cash overhaul elusive as deadline passes China Daily Asia
7890: India’s decision to spend huge sum to build “the tallest statue” questioned Global Times (Chinese)
Demonetization tests the dream for great nation (Impressions by People’s Daily foreign correspondents) People's Daily (Chinese)
7813: Indian opposition parties attack Modi over cash ban, demand his resignation China.org (English)
7778: Indian PM pitches for digital economy to root out corruption Xinhua net
7736: India wants “issue cash to all citizens”, will it work? Global Times (Chinese)
7734: Indian planes “dropping poo from the skies” to be fined Global Times (Chinese)
India’s crackdown on cash imperils pivotal national tax reform China Daily Asia
7695: India rolls back latest deposit restrictions on banned rupee bills Global Times (English)
Authorities impose curfew in violence-hit India’s Manipur, snap internet services Global Times (English)
7583: Indian supreme court bans all liquor shops on highways Global Times (English)
7574: 4 Indian policemen killed by rebels in Manipur China Daily (English)
7569: Indian supreme court bans all liquor shops on highways China.org (English)
7555: Pellets guns blind Kashmiri protesters China Daily Asia
7546: Police arrests 20 in India for failing to stand up for national anthem China.org (English)
7502: Indian ex-airforce chief arrested in chopper deal scandal Xinhua net
7498: Indian PM slams opposition parties for disrupting Parliament over demonetisation Global Times (English)
7494: Indian government announces policies to promote digital payments People's Daily (Chinese)
7493: Indian government announces policies to promote digital payments Guangming Daily (Chinese)
7490: Repercussions of India’s demonetization far from settling down Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
7382: India’s Income Declaration Scheme reveals “hidden billionaire” Global Times (Chinese)
7355: Modi’s “Cashless society”-Is it probable? Global Times (Chinese)
7303: India cash ban prompts chaos Global Times (English)
7293: India orders cinemas to play national anthem before film screenings Global Times (Chinese)
India’s higher education standards in decline People's Daily (Chinese)
7237: Indian Court makes national anthem mandatory before screening movie China.org (English)
7236: Indian Court makes national anthem mandatory before screening movie Global Times (English)
7224: Indian organization to resist Chinese investments in mobile payment platforms? Global Times (Chinese)
7223: Protest marches sweep across the country, yet support for Modi rise in opinion polls Global Times (Chinese)
7222: Strikes and demonstrations against demonetization break out at many places in India People's Daily (Chinese)
India’s “new currency policy” expedites “payment revolution”? Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
India’s demonetization— Modi’s reform almost a gamble Global Times (Chinese)
Chaos of India’s “demonetization tempest” escalates Global Times (Chinese)
7141: Modi takes a gamble with money reform Global Times (English)
7132: Demonetization crisis, an excellent window to observe India Global Times (Chinese)
India’s former PM Singh slams Modi’s currency notes ban Xinhua net
7123: Fear of black Indian rupee entering Bhutan looms large Global Times (English)
7122: Indian PM says critics of demonetisation move caught unprepared Global Times (English)
7117: India’s demonetization brings liquidity pains People's Daily (Chinese)
7116: After demonetization in India, the rich beg the poor to help deposit money Global Times (Chinese)
7079: Sudden currency move spoils business at Indian food market China Daily Asia
Opposition calls Modi’s demonetization drive “world’s biggest impromptu financial experiment” Xinhua net
India’s oppositin Congress slams Modi for not speaking in Parliament over cash ban Xinhua net
6996: Five ways Indians are using the “demonetized currency” Global Times (Chinese)
6995: 55 Indians die in separate cases while “changing currency” Global Times (Chinese)
6955: Stronger policies needed to fight air pollution China Daily (English)
Will India’s gamble with demonetization pay? China.org (English)
6909: Two Indian chief ministers demand withdrawal of note ban, threaten agitation China.org (English)
6904: India eases cash rules for weddings, farmers Global Times (English)
Uproar in Indian parliament as opposition attacks gov’t over demonetization Global Times (English)
Indian Supreme Court refuses to stay govt’s demonetisation move Global Times (English)
Nepalese PM calls up Modi over India’s demonetization China.org (English)
6833: India’s “lightning demonetization” causes chaos Global Times (Chinese)
Indian PM attacks opposition party for trying to scuttle govt’s fight against graft China.org (English)
6800: India pulls 500, 1,000 rupee banknotes from circulation ECNS
6728: Indian Prime Minister scraps large denomination currency notes Global Times (Chinese)
6703: Delhi shuts schools to tackle pollution China Daily (English)
6692: Indian officials want to spend huge sums on demolishing building suspecting bad “Vastu” Global Times (Chinese)
6677: India tries to stem panic after shock rupee withdrawal Global Times (English)
6669: India trying to fix hacked websites of embassies China Daily Asia
6667: India uses foreign funding law to harass charities China Daily Asia
India’s top green court asks Delhi gov’t to sprinkle water from choppers to tackle smog Xinhua net
India’s top green court asks Delhi gov’t to sprinkle water from choppers to tackle smog Global Times (English)
6634: Authorities in Indian capital closes schools for three days as air quality worsens Xinhua net
6608: Other Indian cities join Delhi in air pollution emergency China Daily Asia
6589: Authorities in Indian capital closes schools for three days as air quality worsens Global Times (English)
6573: Delhi shuts schools to tackle pollution China Daily Asia
6568: India bans tattooed persons in exams to prevent cheating Global Times (Chinese)
6418: Indian capital chokes after overnight Diwali fireworks China.org (English)
Former chief minister of India’s Karnataka acquitted in bribery case Global Times (English)
Former chief minister of India’s Karnataka acquitted in bribery case China.org (English)
India launches phone app to monitor New Delhi’s pollution ECNS
India’s new aviation policy aims at sector expanding: Modi Global Times (English)
India’s new aviation policy aims at sector growth: Modi China Daily Asia
India’s new aviation policy aims at sector growth: Modi
5743: India wants to ban Muslim polygamy Global Times (Chinese)
5488: Authorities ban newspaper in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
Police firing in India’s Jharkhand kills 4 villagers Global Times (English)
High Court in India’s Bihar quashes government’s liquor ban Guangming Daily (English)
5418: Modi participates in India Sanitation Conference Guangming Daily (English)
Indian court overturns gov’t ban on alcohol in eastern state of Bihar Guangming Daily (English)
India’s rights panel issues notice to Madhya Pradesh gov’t over malnutrition deaths Xinhua net
5206: Indian military chiefs call on Modi to discuss security situation China.org (English)
5172: India’s tax reforms, can the “Tiger” come out of the cage? People's Daily (Chinese)
5135: A place in India uses drones to deal with the bad habit of open defecation Global Times (Chinese)
5125: Indian government scraps rail budget, orders its merger in general budget Xinhua net
5073: Suicide attack kills at least 17 Indian troopers in Kashmir Xinhua net
5046: 3 killed, 18 injured in terror attack at army base in Indian-controlled Kashmir Global Times (English)
5045: 17 troopers, 4 militants killed in suicide attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir Global Times (English)
5043: Militants kill 17 Indian soldiers in pre-dawn Kashmir base raid Global Times (English)
4973: India’s strict investigation of “beef sold as mutton” considered as “food fascism” Global Times (Chinese)
4958: India’s “digitization of driver’s licenses” accused of being too futuristic Global Times (Chinese)
4944: Civilian death toll in India-controlled Kashmir reaches 80 Xinhua net
4943: India’s tech capital shut down Global Times (English)
4904: Violence in south India over water-sharing China Daily Asia
4877: Youth killed by security forces in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
Shutdown brings India’s Silicon Valley to halt Xinhua net
4843: Indian man sentenced to death for acid attack on woman China Daily Asia
4839: Indian court sentences man to death for fatal acid attack on woman China.org (English)
4825: India sentences man to death for acid attack Global Times (English)
Indian home minister briefs Modi about parliamentary delegation’s visit to India-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
4750: Around 100 injured in clashes in Indian Kashmir China Daily Asia
India’s Delhi youngest minister sacked over sex scandal Global Times (English)
India’s Delhi minister sacked over sex scandal China Daily Asia
4658: Indian official appeals female tourists coming to India not to wear short skirts Global Times (Chinese)
4644: Protests, clashes continue in Indian-controlled Kashmir as authorities lift curfew Global Times (English)
4632: Protests, clashes continue in Indian-controlled Kashmir China.org (English)
4627: Protests, clashes continue in Indian-controlled Kashmir as authorities lift curfew China.org (English)
4626: India lifts curfew from Kashmir after 52 days of violence Xinhua net
4624: India lifts curfew from Kashmir after 52 days of violence Xinhua net
4613: Modi’s provocations raise risks for India Global Times (English)
4608: India lifts curfew from Kashmir after 52 days China Daily Asia
4591: Indian-controlled Kashmir chief minister meets Modi on Kashmir unrest Global Times (English)
4584: India wants legislation to strictly prohibit commercial surrogacy Global Times (Chinese)
4491: India aims to ban surrogacy for foreigners, gay couples China Daily Asia
4476: Foreign media closely follow “dynastic changes” in India’s central bank Global Times (Chinese)
4475: Indian administrator being carried while inspecting flood-hit areas attracts public outrage Global Times (Chinese)
4424: Kashmir opposition parties urge Modi to initiate dialogue, ban pellet guns Global Times (English)
4382: Authorities foil separatist march in Indian-controlled Kashmir Global Times (English)
4378: Authorities foil separatist march in Indian-controlled Kashmir China Daily Asia
4377: India seals roads in Kashmir to stop protest march China Daily Asia
4359: Indian-controlled Kashmir villagers allege school teacher killed in army custody Global Times (English)
4342: India bans the use of “slit throat” kite strings Global Times (Chinese)
4341: Staring at a woman for 14 seconds can land you in jail, says Indian official Global Times (Chinese)
Indian army troopers allegedly raid residents’ village Xinhua net
4324: India’s air pollution death rate to outpace China’s Global Times (English)
4262: Modi proud of the 20 million newly built toilets Global Times (Chinese)
4259: Indian PM gives himself a pat on the back for building 20 million toilets Xinhua net
4256: 4 die, 15 hurt in firing by security forces in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
4250: Modi hails India’s reforms Global Times (English)
Slow progress in India’s toilet mission Journal Not Selected
Indian chief justice slams gov’t over delay in judges’ appointments Global Times (English)
India’s top court lifts ban on sale of large diesel cars in capital Global Times (English)
4113: Lower House of Indian parliament passes Goods Services Tax bill People's Daily (Chinese)
India’s anti-terror agency takes over probe of terror attack in NE state of Assam Global Times (English)
3978: Indian tax reforms take a crucial step People's Daily (Chinese)
3959: Indian states finally get a unified tax system Global Times (Chinese)
3948: Indian parliament passes landmark GST bill Xinhua net
Deaths of child workers in India’s mica China Daily Asia
3792: Rahul Gandhi blames Indian PM on price rise Xinhua net
3731: Autorickshawas, taxis go on strike in Indian capital Global Times (English)
Indian national kidnapped in Afghanistan rescued, says gov’t Global Times (English)
India’s green court orders ban on diesel vehicles over 15 years in Delhi Global Times (English)
3613: Monsoon session arrives in New Delhi, India Xinhua net
3609: Gang rape victim raped again by same accused in India Xinhua net
3583: Indian party leader says civilians being treated like militants in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
India’s central state of Madhya Pradesh sets up Happiness Ministry Xinhua net
3493: Modi chairs high-level meeting as Indian-controlled Kashmir boils Xinhua net
3490: Indian PM appeals for calm in simmering Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
3487: Modi chairs high-level meeting as Indian-controlled Kashmir boils Global Times (English)
3462: In a first, India imposes “fat tax” on junk food Global Times (Chinese)
India’s southern state of Kerala imposes fat tax on junk food Xinhua net
3410: India condemns online search engines like Google for publishing pre-natal sex determination ads Global Times (Chinese)
3409: India says examining speeches of controversial Mumbai-based Islamic preacher Xinhua net
3406: Food scam unearthed in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
3405: Indian Supreme Court orders probe into over 1,500 fake encounters in NE state of Manipur Xinhua net
3396: Modi wants to end the vicious “election cycle” Global Times (Chinese)
3395: Indian State of Madhya Pradesh plans to set up “Ministry of Happiness” Global Times (Chinese)
3341: Indian PM expands his cabinet of ministers Xinhua net
3191: Indian temple feeds 20000 mice Global Times (Chinese)
3046: India bans use of cancer-causing chemical in bakery products Guangming Daily (English)
2885: Five Indian hospitals penalized heavily for refusing treatment to the poor Global Times (Chinese)
2861: Indian local government warns people not to take selfies with lions. Global Times (Chinese)
2738: India restricts official use of smartphones Global Times (Chinese)
2721: Indian court convicts 5 for gang raping, robbing Danish woman in 2014 China Daily (English)
2645: One third of driving licenses in India fake Global Times (Chinese)
2631: India unveils beefed-up law Global Times (English)
2624: India arrests suspects after attacks on African nationals Global Times (Chinese)
2577: 42 African Embassies in India protest against racial discrimination Global Times (Chinese)
2576: India orders probe into attack on Nigerian student Xinhua net
Sixty thousand juveniles went “missing” in India last year Global Times (Chinese)
India’s apex court allows accused Italian marine to return home Xinhua net
2299: India’s free public health care system good only to look at Global Times (Chinese)
India’s Supreme Court upholds country’s defamation laws Xinhua net
2282: India: minor girl raped by father gets flogging sentence Global Times (Chinese)
2281: Complaints against dancing Mumbai docs turning away patients Global Times (Chinese)
India’s Supreme Court says no to compensation for call drops Xinhua net
2258: India trying to bring back debt ridden businessman from Britain through extradition Xinhua net
2253: Drought in India, partly natural and partly man-made disaster Global Times (Chinese)
2251: India to legislate severe penalties for inaccurate maps Global Times (Chinese)
2234: India needs 70,000 judges to clear pending cases, says chief justice Xinhua net
India’s main opposition Congress party launches scathing attack on Modi gov’t Xinhua net
Indian gov’t sacks 33 bureaucrats for non-performance Xinhua net
Indian Parliamentary panel slams Gov’t for terror attack on Pathankot air base Xinhua net
3D ‘zebra crossings’ stop drivers in their tracks ECNS
2070: India seeks deportation of billionaire businessman from Britain Guangming Daily (English)
Indian mobile phones forced to install a “protect women” function key Global Times (Chinese)
2024: India revokes passport of debt defaulting tycoon Global Times (Chinese)
How the Indian government will “sort out” Facebook? Global Times (Chinese)
India launches “safe selfie” campaign for tourists Global Times (Chinese)
Kohinoor diamond gifted to British: Indian gov’t Xinhua (English)
1820: New Delhi resumes licence plate based limiting of traffic . Jiefang Daily
1794: Indian President urges judiciary to work within own sphere Xinhua (English)
Indian capital rolls out “odd-even” formula again to check pollution Xinhua (English)
1729: Death toll of Indian temple fire rises to 102 Guangming Daily (Chinese)
1727: Fire in Indian temple leads to introspection People's Daily (Chinese)
No more survivors’ in collapsed overpass China Daily (English)
1670: Five people detained in India for flyover collapse China.org (English)
1667: Flyover collapses in India Guangming Daily (Chinese)
1662: 20 killed, 150 injured in flyover collapse in eastern India Xinhua net
1656: Several feared dead as flyover collapses in eastern India Global Times (English)
1502: 40 million students in India pledge to save sparrows Xinhua net
1483: Can budget favor lift Indian farmers’ pain? Global Times (English)
1445: Indian budget sets rural needs above middle-class complaints Global Times (English)
1444: Without tackling caste, India will stay stuck Global Times (English)
Indian gov’t examining Tamil Nadu’s request to release former PM’s assassins Xinhua net
Indian gov’t presents budget of 2016-17 FY Xinhua (English)
1350: India unveils new budget to rejuvenate rail network Global Times (English)
1344: India unveils new budget to rejuvenate rail network Xinhua (English)
Modi reaches out to opposition as Indian Parliament’s budget session opens Xinhua (English)
1324: Riots continue to spread in northern India People's Daily (Chinese)
1323: Lessons from the riots in India; a message of endurance Global Times (Chinese)
1322: Riots continue to spread in northern India People's Daily (Chinese)
1293: Indian Supreme Court refuses to hear bail plea of student leader charged with sedition Xinhua (English)
1284: Small city in India is the “smartest” People's Daily (Chinese)
India’s attempt to quash student dissent brings country’s intolerance into focus Xinhua (English)
1253: What impact will online education bring to India? China Business News (Yicai.com)
Odd-even car rationing experiment to be back in India’s Delhi Xinhua (English)
Indian media: Indian diplomats in China recalled for “inappropriate behaviour”. Global Times (Chinese)
1183: Indian mother tweets for help, Ministry of Railways helps find her daughter back Global Times (Chinese)
1154: Indian PM stresses importance of Khadi Xinhua (English)
1151: Weekly choices of Xinhua photo Xinhua (English)
1148: India selects first lot of 20 smart cities Global Times (Chinese)
Indian gov’t to look into incident of fake police encounter with rebels in northeast state Xinhua (English)
India’s Republic Day parade, how is its military strength? Jiefang Daily
1129: India displays military might at Republic Day parade Xinhua (English)
India’s health insurance scheme to cover rural areas adjoining cities Global Times (Chinese)
1083: Serious problem of floating corpses in Ganges in India, Government criticized Global Times (Chinese)
India’s Punjab Government seeks Federal Ministry’s intervention in Panama boat tragedy Xinhua net
1069: State Police Anti-Terrorism Group members attend mock drill in India Xinhua net
1067: India puts forces on alert over threat from IS at Republic Day parade Xinhua net
Indian gov’t says precautions being taken to prevent defense officials falling prey to honey traps Global Times (English)
1045: India’s poorest state Bihar levies luxury tax on street food Global Times (Chinese)
1033: Mumbai identifies ‘no selfie zones’ Global Times (English)
1016: Plate policy not enough to curb Delhi’s smog Global Times (English)
1015: Delhi court rejects legal challenge to car restrictions Global Times (English)
1010: Vicious gang rape in India again Jiefang Daily
Security beefed up in New Delhi ahead of India’s Republic Day Xinhua (English)
India’s Paramilitary to deploy women commandos for Anti-Naxal operations Xinhua (English)
964: India: Many laws, but few to “discipline” family members of government officials Global Times (Chinese)
959: Fight over Facebook Free Basics reveals extent of India inequality Global Times (English)
India’s Delhi Police to arm traffic cops with pistols Xinhua (English)
918: India still hasn’t confronted its gender issues years after Delhi gang rape Global Times (English)
888: Indian Parliament passes bill to punish juvenile offenders Global Times (Chinese)
880: New Delhi’s strict governance of haze leads to disputes Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “black bus” gang rapist released despite protests Global Times (Chinese)
863: India borrows 1.5 billion for repair of toilets Global Times (Chinese)
858: India may soon get chief of defense staff Xinhua (English)
India’s Supreme Court bans registration of diesel vehicles in Delhi Xinhua (English)
809: India takes number of steps to tackle threat of Islamic State Xinhua (English)
788: Indian government says no decision to withdraw AFSPA Xinhua (English)
768: “Hanging on the outside” of Indian trains Global Times (Chinese)
India’s eastern state of Bihar to ban alcohol from April next year Xinhua (English)
India’s surrogacy ban leads to “market disruption” Global Times (Chinese)
India’s birth control policy: “two children only” Global Times (Chinese)
Modi says gov’t all out to weed out corruption from India Xinhua (English)
India says Islamic State-led attacks can’t be ruled out Xinhua (English)
695: Only half of Indian children complete primary school Global Times (Chinese)
668: Nestle’s Maggi noodles return to India after ‘existential crisis’ Global Times (English)
661: Indian PM may reshuffle Cabinet China Daily (English)
659: Popular noodles back on shelves in India after lead scare China Daily (English)
652: Worsening air quality prompts Modi government to take green initiative Global Times (English)
641: India all set to appoint its first transgender police inspector Xinhua (English)
640: India must reform to transform lives of its citizens, says Modi Xinhua (English)
637: India orders Greenpeace to shut down over fraud China Daily (English)
Security beefed up in Indian-controlled Kashmir for Indian PM’s visit Xinhua (English)
India dismisses global rating agency Moody’s report Xinhua (English)
620: Indian court expected to sentence Uber rapist Global Times (English)
619: Uber India driver sentenced to life for rape Global Times (English)
547: Indian president expresses concern over religious intolerance at home Xinhua net
525: Largest protests in Indian history Phoenix Weekly
521: India’s Modi calls beef killing ‘unwelcome’ as intolerance concerns grow Global Times (English)
518: Greenpeace spat highlights contradiction between growth and environment in India Global Times (English)
Indian “killer” roads make widow villages Global Times (Chinese)