12289: China and Pakistan all-weather partners and iron friends Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
12227: HERDSMEN ENJOY LIFE ONLINE Global Times (Chinese)
12175: Who is bad mouthing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor ? Global Times (Chinese)
12128: India expert: Bhutan more concerned about India than China Global Times (Chinese)
12088: Mainland help to Taiwan compatriot in Afghanistan attracts attention and interpretation in Taiwan. Global Times (Chinese)
11975: Editorial: Stay calm on tech gap between China, West Global Times (English)
11939: China should eye opportunities in South Asia Global Times (English)
11933: Nation vies to lead in adopting blockchain technology China Daily (English)
11932: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on SIno-Australian ties Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
11931: Capital outflows may crimp forex reserves China Daily (English)
11923: Fears of second Cold War misplaced Global Times (English)
Where does confidence in China’s manufacturing come from? Global Times (English)
Editorial: US’ blame game part of its containment strategy China Daily (English)
China’s self-developed plane engine completes test run China Daily (English)
11912: Despite global mess, there is no Cold War II Global Times (English)
11908: The ‘software’ gap between China and Japan Global Times (English)
11907: Is China still maintaining a low profile? Global Times (English)
Foreign Ministry spokesperson: “We appreciate America’s attitude on the problem of ZTE. We call for an immediate ceasefire between the parties to the conflict in Northern Myanmar.” Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
11900: New aircraft carrier a boon to navy China Daily (English)
11890: First carrier designed in China begins sea trial China Daily (English)
11887: Upgraded version of Falcon 9 launched successfully PLA Daily (Chinese)
Experts on China’s first fully homegrown aircraft carrier China Daily (English)
Editorial: Carrier’s sea trials show navy ‘stands up in the East’ China Daily (English)
Editorial: 2nd aircraft carrier a natural step for China’s navy Global Times (English)
11879: Open Door 3.0 heralds a new growth era China Daily (English)
11878: More and better jobs for developing nations China Daily (English)
11873: ‘Island of freedom’ a risky proposal Global Times (English)
Planned supercomputer would be 10 times faster than today’s China Daily (English)
11871: Editorial: New chapter opens for Beijing-Tokyo ties Global Times (English)
11870: Scholars debate major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in new era Global Times (English)
Chinese premier’s visit to reset ties with Japan China Daily (English)
11836: 200 years after Marx, his legacy lives on China Daily (English)
11825: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor provides security and stability Guangming Daily (Chinese)
11822: Urgent need for China to start new round of self-innovation China Daily (English)
11821: Lessons from history show that China can benefit from pursuing civil-military integration Global Times (English)
11819: Globalization backs up China’s new tech deployments Global Times (English)
11814: History in Capital and Capital in history Global Times (English)
11811: A small quick step for China’s PLA Navy Global Times (English)
11808: History shows China’s need for civil-military integration Global Times (English)
11767: China’s rise a ‘win-win’ for the world China Daily (English)
11761: High-speed rail a symbol of China’s technology gap Global Times (English)
Summit may herald ‘Century of Asia’ China Daily (English)
11756: Exchanges and cooperation between media in Pakistan and China essential Guangming Daily (Chinese)
11755: To assume common responsibility for the construction of a community of shred destiny between China and Pakistan Guangming Daily (Chinese)
China-Pakistan Media Forum’S Beijing Declaration Guangming Daily (Chinese)
11753: Strengthen media cooperation between China and Pakistan to promote mutual understanding between the two peoples Guangming Daily (Chinese)
11744: President would like deeper SCO defense cooperation China Daily (English)
11739: View China-Pakistan cooperation within SCO objectively Global Times (English)
11716: Innovation can decorate China’s tomorrow China Daily (English)
11710: Wang Yi talks of tripartite interaction between China, Nepal and India: building a three-way interconnected network spanning the Himalayas Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
11698: Time to end reliance on developed countries for high-tech products China Daily (English)
Nation’s image reflects its growing power China Daily (English)
11679: Beijing eyes alignment with Hanoi China Daily (English)
11678: US hybrid war arrives to replace Cold War Global Times (English)
11676: Scholars ponder demise of liberal international order Global Times (English)
11667: Changing political dynamics require both sides adapt Global Times (English)
China doesn’t face a debt-default risk China Daily (English)
11664: Editorial: Time to start manufacturing chips domestically now Global Times (English)
11663: China at start of new economic ‘revolution’ Global Times (English)
11662: National security awareness China Daily (English)
11653: Does liberal international order have a future? Global Times (English)
11650: Boao leads the charge for globalization China Daily (English)
Strong navy to better defend country’s interests China Daily (English)
11639: Made in China 2025 will boost manufacturing China Daily (English)
11638: Japan has much to gain by improving ties with China China Daily (English)
11635: Chinese navy safeguarding maritime peace China Daily (English)
11634: Editorial: Strong navy steers more balanced, steady rise of China Global Times (English)
China’s wider opening-up critical anchor for world economy China Daily (English)
11627: 2018 Boao Forum sets general tone for China’s economic approach Global Times (English)
Xi reviews display of China’s naval prowess China Daily (English)
11625: CPEC can build bridges between India, Pakistan through economic cooperation Journal Not Selected
11623: Advance of globalization will not be halted by temporary difficulties Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
“Iron soul” friends united in crafting a model of inter-State relations People's Daily (Chinese)
China’s development brings six opportunities to the world China Daily (English)
11610: US misreading Made in China 2025 by design China Daily (English)
11609: A true community of equality and prosperity China Daily (English)
11597: 2018 Boao Forum sets new starting line for peaceful development, win-win cooperation China Daily (English)
11596: Trade conflict: Speaking truth from facts China Daily (English)
11595: Editorial: Boosting confidence that development can benefit all China Daily (English)
China’s vision of common destiny of a shared future China Daily (English)
11584: Rules to enhance security, openness of scientific data China Daily (English)
11578: Mega science projects to get startup support China Daily (English)
Ship being built to dig far into Earth’s mantle China Daily (English)
11575: People and Party striving together for national rejuvenation China Daily (English)
Progeny of world’s first cloned cashmere goat born in China China Daily (English)
11567: China to launch remote sensing satellites for Pakistan in June China Daily (English)
11566: China encourages generic drug production amid increased regulation China Daily (English)
11565: More work needed for China’s rise in industrial world Global Times (English)
11562: Nation aims to be No 2 manufacturer by 2035 China Daily (English)
11521: China’s rapid development benefits ASEAN, gives new impetus to world Global Times (English)
11512: India fishing for gain in troubled waters of trade war between China and USA ? Global Times (Chinese)
11502: Watching the world turn upside-down Global Times (English)
11499: Innovation path to great high-tech power China Daily (English)
11494: China exploring new modes of assistance to foreign countries in Nepal Global Times (Chinese)
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11476: Time to strengthen financial economy China Daily (English)
11475: Co-evolution: Future of China-US cooperation Global Times (English)
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China’s development enters a new stage Guangming Daily (Chinese)
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Truth-seeking pragmatism at heart of CPPCC’s role China Daily (English)
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11390: Solving China’s water shortage key to ensuring growth Global Times (English)
11389: Have we dodged the secular stagnation bullet? Global Times (English)
11377: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on restructuring of State Council Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
11368: Foxconn’s accelerated IPO shows Beijing is serious about attracting tech companies Global Times (English)
11367: China in race to catch up with US in AI revolution Global Times (English)
11362: China doing more than West to inspire innovation Global Times (Chinese)
11358: Farsighted policies prepare nation for future challenges China Daily (English)
Xi’s diplomacy wins friends, FM says China Daily (English)
11343: India media: Beijing has turned poverty reduction dreams into reality (Focus on two conferences) Guangming Daily (Chinese)
Editorial: ‘China threat’ theory should be laid to rest China Daily (English)
11337: Giving credit where due can help cut systemic risks in China Global Times (English)
Ridiculous rumor about Chinese Internet speed not being as good as Afghanistan’s Global Times (Chinese)
China’s success sets an example for all developing countries Guangming Daily (Chinese)
11325: Rising economy requires China to assume larger responsibility in global governance Global Times (English)
Two sessions chart China’s future: Inward, outward and beyond China Daily (English)
11322: Developing a new landscape for opening-up China Daily (English)
11321: Rebalancing growth, raising living standards China Daily (English)
11320: Strong leadership, structural reforms vital to face emerging challenges China Daily (English)
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Reflections on China’s reforms China Daily (English)
Growth, poverty alleviation boost nation’s profile China Daily (English)
11303: Editorial: Defense budget hike is not out of the ordinary China Daily (English)
11301: Editorial: Defense budget displays China’s steadiness Global Times (English)
11300: Notion of zero-sum games should be abandoned: Chinese scholar China Daily (English)
China’s party system is great contribution to political civilization: Xi China Daily (English)
11298: Religion, nationalism make festivals divisive Guangming Daily (English)
11295: Party role key to development of socialism China Daily (English)
11291: Wang Yi: Building a community of shared future China Daily (English)
China’s Rural Challenges China Daily (English)
11286: China’s participation contributes to development of Arctic region Global Times (English)
Of course, China’s navy is not untoward in blue water: China Daily editorial China Daily (English)
11280: China’s rise as ‘talent magnet’ reshaping Asia’s pipeline of professional staff Global Times (English)
11275: 3rd Plenary Session of 19th CPC Central Committee sets new milestone for nation Global Times (English)
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11272: India media hype claims China and Maldives constructing an oceanographic station Global Times (Chinese)
Xi Jinping’s new book: An essential primer for understanding China China Daily (English)
11266: Initiative not a threat to the West China Daily (English)
11257: Editorial: Constitutional amendment responds to new era Global Times (English)
11256: West uses ‘sharp power’ label against China Global Times (English)
11251: Editorial: Constitutional amendment will improve CPC leadership Global Times (English)
11247: Major-country diplomacy for the new era China Daily (English)
11246: Chinese increasingly heard around the world China Daily (English)
11244: Revision of oath to Constitution proposed China Daily (English)
11243: Many big projects are ready to begin China Daily (English)
China’s soft power is on the rise China Daily (English)
“Communist Manifesto” still bears significance for analyzing human development path Global Times (English)
11227: Insults to Chinese people cannot be allowed Global Times (English)
11223: India media uses fake news to drive a wedge between China and Pakistan: expert Global Times (English)
11220: Editorial: Carry forward national pride, and stay modest Global Times (English)
11219: China’s rise helped by historical conditions Global Times (English)
11218: Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui visits representatives of Chinese media in India before Spring Festival Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
11215: Intertwined dreams for common development China Daily (English)
11214: Safety of overseas Chinese projects requires more attention as terrorism surges Global Times (English)
11213: China upgrades airspace defense in west to counter threat from India: military specialist Global Times (English)
Europe’s anomalous response to China’s influence Global Times (English)
11209: Electrification of cars helps establish China as global tech leader Global Times (Chinese)
Foxconn’s planned IPO reflects vitality of China’s real economy China Daily (English)
11191: Further convergence depends on new growth drivers Global Times (English)
11183: Neoliberalism 2.0 may lead to greater crises China Daily (English)
11181: Editorial: Poverty relief requires complete commitment: China Daily editorial China Daily (English)
11177: Why did Lobsang Sangay meet local protests in South Africa? Global Times (English)
11176: Democracy: A Western tool for domination Global Times (English)
11158: Editorial: China’s law not under thumb of West Global Times (English)
11146: Brandishing China threat theory helps West push hegemonistic designs Global Times (English)
11145: haky West perceives Beijing as a threat Global Times (English)
11144: As US resists, China backs multipolarization Global Times (English)
11129: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
11127: Editorial:Missile defense test in pursuit of equilibrium China Daily (English)
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on (China’s) Ballistic Missile Defence test Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
11111: Faulty ideology, not China, threatens the West China Daily (English)
Xi’s statecraft vs Trump’s sales pitch China Daily (English)
11106: The destiny of humanity is shared future China Daily (English)
11105: Regarding China as a “threat” reflects narrow-minded mentality China Daily (English)
11093: Xi requires emphasis on economy China Daily (English)
Seven Chinese think tanks among world’s best China Daily (English)
11087: China eyes leadership role in science, innovation in 30 years through basic research Global Times (English)
11049: Prototype of next-gen supercomputer to be launched this year Global Times (English)
11044: Territorial integrity is not a matter of free speech Global Times (English)
11041: China releases its policy on Arctic region China Daily (English)
China proposes ‘Polar Silk Road’ cooperation in Arctic region Journal Not Selected
11018: China puts world ahead amid America First Global Times (English)
11017: Southeast Asia should change outdated attitudes toward investment from China Global Times (English)
A year of success since Xi’s Davos speech China Daily (English)
11015: Abe’s outreach doesn’t change policy on China Global Times (English)
11007: Editorial: Building a shared future is right remedy for world’s ills China Daily (English)
11005: Is China challenging US leadership? China Daily (English)
11004: Editorial:Building a shared future is right remedy for world’s ills China Daily (English)
11001: Rebalancing geopolitics, geoeconomics China Daily (English)
10999: Davos one year on China Daily (English)
10978: Chronic disease of overproduction may threaten China’s hard-won economic growth Global Times (English)
10976: China can provide new definitions of development aid Global Times (English)
10948: China reclaiming its status as a leader in innovation Global Times (English)
10937: Pakistan, China and the US: The way forward China Daily (English)
‘Sharp power’: West gets it wrong China Daily (English)
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10901: The myth of the liberal international order Global Times (English)
10894: India can’t copy China’s technology success without understanding its origins Global Times (English)
10874: Pakistani officials: China has never mentioned naval base construction Global Times (English)
10859: China’s aid to Pakistan aims for fundamental improvement in economic conditions Global Times (English)
10812: Global responsibilities need to be shared by all nations Global Times (English)
10770: Tentative progress at China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue Global Times (English)
10765: China-Pakistan economic corridor to be extended to Afghanistan Global Times (Chinese)
10764: First Foreign Minister level dialogue of China-Afghanistan-Pakistan held in Beijing People's Daily (Chinese)
10759: Future hurdles in Beijing-Washington relations can’t be underestimated Global Times (English)
10758: Why US strategy plan calls China a rival? Global Times (English)
10756: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on trilateral China-Pakistan_Afghanistan dialogue MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing
10746: Editorial: Mao’s legacies gain more respect over time Journal Not Selected
Joint Press Release of the 1st China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing
Tibet’s economic development due for more attention Global Times (English)
Editorial: China’s diplomatic efforts pay off with peripheral nations Global Times (English)
10728: China’s new economic challenges require more debt Global Times (English)
10724: First China, Afghanistan and Pakistan Foreign Minister level trilateral dialogue to be held in Beijing People's Daily (Chinese)
10723: 19th National Congress Communist Party of China spirit foreign publicity team visits Iran and Burma People's Daily (Chinese)
10722: Communist Party of China 19th National Congress spirit foreign publicity team visits Iran and Burma Guangming Daily (Chinese)
10721: 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China spirit foreign publicity team visits Iran and Burma PLA Daily (Chinese)
10707: Editorial: Australia should consign to history its anti-China bias China Daily (English)
10695: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on China-Afghan-Pakistan trilateral Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10692: Is China ready to face direct competition with US? Global Times (English)
B&R to open new path for renewable energy in Africa China Daily (English)
10683: China is a globally strong country in many areas: global survey China Daily (English)
10677: No need to be edgy at twists and turns encountered by Chinese overseas projects Global Times (Chinese)
10668: 19th Communist Party of China National Congress spirit publicity team visits Sri Lanka People's Daily (Chinese)
10667: 19th Communist Party of China National Congress spirit publicity team visits Mexico and Sri Lanka PLA Daily (Chinese)
10666: 19th Communist Party of China National Congress spirit publicity team receives warm reception abroad Guangming Daily (Chinese)
10655: Dynamic, changing times in world politics Global Times (English)
Discovering Yunnan’s Tibetan Plateau – A personal Shangri-La China Daily (English)
10640: Anti-China chorus hurts relations China Daily (English)
Good or bad governance in China and India can be seen from “toilet revolution” Global Times (Chinese)
10569: Warship Yuncheng participates in wrecked planes search and rescue exercise PLA Daily (Chinese)
Spotlight on Chinese naval ships’ participation in Indian Ocean Naval Forum multilateral maritime search and rescue exercise for first time PLA Daily (Chinese)
10479: Editorial: China and ASEAN can safeguard stability in South China Sea China Daily (English)
10409: The rise of China benefits its neighbors Global Times (English)
10408: Four-way talks meant to contain China miss regional development demand Global Times (English)
China reaffirms opposition to Dalai Lama’s visits to foreign countries Xinhua (English)
10301: China is full of vitality and the world full of expectations Guangming Daily (Chinese)
10280: Neighboring disputes need to be understood properly Global Times (English)
10236: Karot Hydropower Project could generate wide range of benefits for China, India and Pakistan Global Times (English)
9832: China is a defender of world peace Guangming Daily (Chinese)