Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Wang Lilan Page No. : 5

According to a March 24 AFP report, a barely three-year-old Indian girl Cherukuri, became the youngest archer in the country.

The report says Cherukuri’s elder brother was an internationally renowned archer and coach before he died in a car accident in 2010. His parents subsequently gave birth to Cherukuri using surrogacy method. Cherukuri’s elder sister had passed away earlier in 2004 itself.

Indian Book of Records staff member Chowdhury said Cherukuri has scored 200 points from five and seven meter distances, becoming the youngest Indian to reach the level, it will be very difficult to break this record.

Cherukuri will complete three years in another nine days. Her parents told the media that the preparation work for teaching archery to Cherukuri had begun before she was born. While teaching archery to Cherukuri, they used special arrows made of carbon, to ensure she could carry them.








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