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“中巴友谊”74次登人民日报标题 全天候友谊历久弥坚

记者 申亚欣 Author : Shen Yaxin

2015年04月17日13:57    来源:人民网  17th April 2015, 1357 hrs. Source : People’s net



Photo caption: In May 2013, Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang paid an official visit to Pakistan. The 3rd edition of the People’s Daily on 24th May 2013 had a full page journal covering the speech made by Li Keqiang in the Pakistani senate. The speech was titled “May the all weather friendship bear new fruits.”


The origins of the China Pakistan friendship go a long way. From the reports of the People’s Daily newspaper, one can get a glimpse of the historical context of how the relationship between the two countries has continued to move forward. The author’s search of the databases revealed that, from the time of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the words “Sino Pakistan friendship” that proclaim the friendly relations between China and Pakistan have graced the headlines of the People’s Daily 74 times. This bears testimony to the fact that the friendship between the two nations of China and Pakistan remains unshakable and becomes even stronger with the passage of time.


According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan recognized the People’s Republic of China on 5th January 1950 and the two countries established formal diplomatic relations on 21st May 1951. From this juncture on, China and Pakistan have built an all weather friendship and have established all round co-operation in various fields and at various levels.


A People’s Daily article with a headline containing the words “Sino Pakistan friendship” first appeared on the front page of the newspaper on 24th October 1956. This article under the headline “New Contributions for Enhancing the Sino-Pak Friendship” recorded the details of the joint declaration made by the Prime Ministers of the two countries. In this joint communiqué, the two Prime Ministers explained in detail their consensual opinions on maintaining peace, easing International tensions and promoting friendly co-operation between the countries of Africa and Asia. The two Prime Ministers held the common opinion that there is a strong need to enhance trade and cultural ties and build more friendly contacts, in order to further strengthen mutual understanding and friendship.


In May 2013 when Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang made an official visit to Pakistan, the headlines “Sino-Pak All Weather Friendship” appeared on the People’s Daily news headlines for the first time. Li Keqiang was invited to address the Pakistani senate where he made a speech that was titled “Let the All weather friendship bear new fruits”. In the speech, he made strong positive evaluations of the traditional friendship between the nations of China and Pakistan.          The phrase “Sino-Pak All Weather Friendship” is a testament to the fact that the Sino-Pak relationship has progressed to the next stage.


“All Weather” is a technical word used in the aircraft navigation space. It could be said to be “A generic term describing all kinds of weather/ climatic conditions arising from complex meteorological conditions”. A derivation from this, “All Weather Friendship” describes a friendship that holds steady and stands firm in spite of the various ordeals that it may have to face. One can say that this term is a phrase of the highest grade that has been used by Chinese diplomats to describe the friendship between two friendly countries.


Furthermore, this year is the year of friendly exchanges between China and Pakistan. The second edition of the People’s Daily on 30th January 2015 contained the news of the Opening Ceremony of the “Sino-Pak year of friendship” which was chaired by Li Yuanchao.


The most recent report of “Sino-Pak” relations in the People’s Daily was on 10th April in an article titled “A present from a Chinese friend – A report of the ceremony held to commemorate the establishment of the ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor Committee’”. In the article, Sun Weidong, the Chinese ambassador in Pakistan said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is an important component of the ‘one belt one road’ initiative which will give increased exposure to all the geographical regions of Pakistan. The CPEC will bring about real and tangible benefits to the local populace and will facilitate increased exchanges between China and Pakistan in the fields of trade, finance and cultural interactions. It is the vivid embodiment of the Sino-Pak friendship and will lay the foundation to help forge a mutually beneficial and a win-win relationship.


That said, one can foresee that when President Xi Jinping visits Pakistan on 20th April, the headlines of the People’s Daily will again portray the Sino-Pak friendship in thick and heavy colors.

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