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Indians may have access to free CT scans and x-rays in the near future—According to a report in the Times of India on May 12, the Government is set to announce a scheme for providing free diagnostic tests, including several blood tests, liver and kidney function texts, HIV-tests, x-rays, ultrasound and advanced CT scans, for those visiting public health facilities.

The report reads that under the scheme, existing diagnostic infrastructure in Government institutions is to be strengthened, and where there is no infrastructure, State Governments would be supported to engage with private service providers for collection of blood samples, analysis and reporting. The spokesperson of Health department in India said that the key to implementing the plan is to improve the attitude of service and strengthen cooperation with private organizations. There’s no need to spend huge funds in buying new facilities.

However, famous Indian health economist Sakthivel Selvaraj expressed skepticism, saying that with a slashed health budget and no allocation in the budget for the scheme, the government cannot honor the pledge.

It is reported that every year, there are 50 million people in India whose living standards fall below the poverty line because of high expense on health care.

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