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Xinhua News Agency—an investigation on primary school teachers’ counterfeit diplomats has been conducted in Bihar in eastern part of India. Teachers involved were required to hand in their resignations before July 9th, otherwise they would face charges. By the end of this March, there are approximately 1400 primary school teachers having submitted their resignations.


In May, a higher court of India ordered an investigation on the diplomas of 350 thousand primary school teachers in Bihar. There’re doubts that 25 thousand primary school teachers in Bihar haven’t received proper training and fail to meet the credentials as a teacher. In June, the court declared “a time of special pardon”, during when teachers involved in the scandal would be pardoned if they submit their resignation before July 9th. However, if they were found at their post after July 9th, they would face criminal prosecution, and even would be put into jail.


AFT commented that the education quality of primary and middle school in India has been encountering challenges. It was even worse in rural areas. A research done by Puratam Foundation, an educational research organization in India, reveals that a majority of children in rural area of India, who have finished 5th grade, can only “recognize few characters”.








2015年07月05日   04 :国际·连载   稿件来源:解放日报


新华社特稿 印度东部比哈尔邦正在严查小学教师学历造假一事,要求涉假教师在7月9日前主动请辞,则可免于法律诉讼。截至本月3日,比哈尔邦已有大约1400名小学教师递交了辞呈。



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