Journal : Jiefang Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : Du Shangze and Lin Xuedan Page No. : 01
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People’s Daily, reporting from Ufa in Russia, July 8—President Xi Jinping held an meeting with Indian PM Modi in Ufa, Russia on July 8, 2015

Xi Jinping pointed out that we reached an important consensus to enrich the content of Sino-Indian strategic partnership and build a closer partnership of development in Xi’an this May. A positive signal of two large developing countries joining hands for common development has been sent to people in China and India as well as the international community. With our joint efforts, our consensus is now being implemented. Cooperation between both sides in legislature, railway construction, industrial parks, smart city and so on is developing steadily.

Xi Jinping emphasized: Currently, both countries should join hands to safeguard the positive momentum for the development of Sino-Indian relations, and open up a new ground for mutually beneficial cooperation. Both sides should maintain high-level exchanges, and enhance all-level strategic communication; accomplish the research on the feasibility of major cooperation projects according to schedule; carry out Sino-Indian cultural exchange plans and cooperation in think tank, media and regions; properly manage disputes and make joint efforts to safeguard peace in the border area; work together to build the AIIB, BRICS and Bangladesh-China-India-Burma economic corridor; hold discussions on connecting China’s “One Belt, One Road”initiative and India’s initiatives concerned, for mutually beneficial cooperation and common development.

Xi Jinping pointed out: China and India are both firm supporter and positive builder for the BRICS. Both sides should work together to forge a closer, more comprehensive and solid partnership of the BRICS to bring its constructive functions into play, and make greater contributions for world peace and development.

Modi said: Sino-Indian relations are developing well. Mutual trust has been further enhanced. We’ve held several meetings and maintained close high-level exchanges. In recent years, economic and trade cooperation has been expanded. Cooperation in technology, outer space, infrastructure and so on has been continuously promoted. India welcomes more Chinese enterprises to invest in India. India is willing to strengthen strategic communication and coordination, and properly manage disputes including the border issues.

Modi said: India is willing to strengthen cooperation with China under the framework of the BRICS. The establishment of New Development Bank of BRICS and AIIB have provided with more opportunities for China and India to deepen their cooperation. India is willing to participate the construction of the banks and cooperation projects issued by the banks.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and Zhou Xiaochuan joined the meeting.




《 人民日报 》( 2015年07月09日   01 版)

本报俄罗斯乌法7月8日电 (记者杜尚泽、林雪丹)国家主席习近平8日在俄罗斯乌法会见印度总理莫迪。







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