Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : T J S George and translated by Wang Huicong Page No. : 06

Source Global Times. Date 27/7/2015 Author T.J.S.George translated by Wáng huìcōng


Pakistan is having fun at India’s expense, daring to mock at Delhi. Traditionally, India has dismissed Pakistani bravado. But ground realities have changed. China’s solidarity with Pakistan  has wider ramifications, especially from an Indian standpoint. Post-Independence, China had seen India as the only Asian country strong enough to be a force to reckon with. And China’s leadership, the shrewdest and most far-sighted in today’s world, found easy ways to nip at what it saw as a potential problem. China embraced Pakistan as a close ally and built it up as a force that could keep India pinned down. When China helped Pakistan become a nuclear power, the equation was settled with finality.

Even more decisive is China’s recent infrastructural advance in Pakistan. The Gwadar port it has developed in Baluchistan is now to be linked to Xinjiang with a road network. Along the way will raise new dams, energy lines and whole new cities. Pakistan places itself at the service of China. It has even raised a whole new infantry division to protect Chinese assets in Pakistan. Just as Pakistan was key to America’s Afghanistan policy, it has become key to China’s new policy of silk-road networking aimed at hastening China’s economic-strategic centrality. China no longer sees Pakistan merely as a counterweight to keep India preoccupied; it now sees it as a pivot against Big Brother America’s own Asian Pivot strategy.

There are no signs yet that India’s foreign policy professionals have come up with any  strategy to, not to contain China which has become impossible now, but it should ensure that Indian interests are protected. Actually, India is now a relatively minor blip on China’s radar. The way China has been asserting itself under Xi’s leadership shows that its horizons have widened. The US has been talking often and loudly, but has failed to take any action to check China’s boldest challenge.

This is a big boys’ game and Narendra Modi has to play it without the back-up of a demonstrably competent foreign policy establishment, a national security planning system or think-tank specialists with ideas. All that has emerged so far from the Prime Minister and his advisors is a distinct shift in favour of the US. To what extent will this help when, on the one hand America’s commitment to Pakistan remains strong and, on the other, Russia is getting closer to China and forming a united front to raise a multi-polar world against America’s self-serving unipolar world?






作者T·J·S·乔治 王会聪 译

《新印度快报》726日文章,原题:有中国做朋友,巴基斯坦正取笑印度。游戏已改变,我们却被甩在后面 巴基斯坦正在取笑甚至挑战新德里。传统上,印度向来对这种虚张声势不屑一顾。但如今现实已发生改变。中巴团结已具有更广泛的影响力,尤其是从印度的视角来看。曾几何时,中国将印度视为唯一值得认真对付的亚洲国家。中国领导层——当今世界上最精明且最有远见者,找到了防患于未然的捷径。中国将巴拥抱为亲密盟友并壮大巴的实力以令印度动弹不得。当中国帮助巴成为核国家时,印巴形势就已成定局。





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