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Over the past few days, Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, experienced its strongest rainfall in nearly a 100 years, resulting in serious flooding and around 300 deaths/casualties. On December 3 Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Chennai to inspect the disaster.

However, the Indian Government Press Informational Bureau posted a doctored (modified) image on social media of PM Modi inspecting the floods, triggering criticism.

On December 3, Modi posted on his social media page an image of himself in a helicopter looking down at the floods through the window. Along with the image he included a message that he “feels pained” looking at the floods.

However, the Press Informational Bureau on its official social media page published an identical image in which buildings submerged from the floods were very clearly visible through  the window in the helicopter. Evidently the picture was doctored.

The image was soon taken down but not before a large number of internet users were able to take screen shots of the image. A lot of people criticised the Press Information Bureau for making light of a grave situation (of the floods).

A senior Indian government official stated that the Prime Minister’s office was shocked at the publishing of a doctored image and demanded that the Press Information Bureau authorities strengthen its regulatory (control) system

The Press Information Bureau later responded by expressing regret and cited an unexpected “misjudgment” that the two images were accidentally merged.


新华社特稿 印度南部泰米尔纳德邦近日遭遇百年来最强降雨,引发严重洪灾,已造成将近300人死亡。3日,总理莫迪视察邦首府金奈的灾情。

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