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Indian military officials complained about the gap in military strength along the border, stating, “India’s China strategy is too weak while China’s military modernization on the border areas is fast and aggressive”, reported The Hindu on March 14. Although India is implementing a series of projects, military officers not only believe that these measures are not enough but furthermore that the projects themselves are difficult to implement.

The Deccan Express reported on March 14 that last Saturday, the Indian Air Force re-opened two advanced landing grounds (ALG) in Arunachal Pradesh (China’s Tibet region), . By September this year there will be four such ALGs in use which will greatly increase the penetration power of Indian military in the of the strategically important border areas in the north east region. According to the Hindu, the Indian Air Force is also preparing to upgrade six old airstrips in the border state originally built during World War 2. These projects started in 2009 and are now slowly advancing forward .

The Times of India also reported that the Indian government has already started to implement the “comprehensive border highway construction project”—within which 27 of the 73 highways planned for construction are in Arunachal border area.

An Indian military officer working at the India-China border told the Hindu, “upgrading airfields and progress in other projects is a good sign but these measures alone are not good enough”. Due to insufficient resources, the Indian military’s progress in building infrastructure in the border areas is very slow. In an interview the officer described India’s China policy as “too timid” and went on to add that India’s infrastructure and military modernisation cannot be compared to China’s.

The officer went on to reveal that even the “most ambitious plan” formulated by the Indian military to counter the China challenge—raising a dedicated Mountain Strike Corps—is already languishing due to lack of government attention and financial allocation.

Indian media has played up the “China threat” beat quiet intensively over the past few days. Last week, Indian media reported that Chinese troops twice crossed over the LAC and entered the Indian side, triggering a stand off. In response to this report, the Spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lu Kang, said on March 14 that the Chinese side understands that Chinese border defense troops conducted a regular patrolling exercise on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control; there is no question of the so-called “crossing the line”. He also added that they had not heard of any situation of “Chinese troops activity discovered in the Pakistan administered Kashmir”, as claimed by Indian media.


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然而,一名印中边境地区的印度军官14日对《印度教徒报》说,“修复机场等进展都是好迹象,但 光这些还远远不够”。由于资源不足,印度在边境的军事基础设施只在一点点推进。接受采访的印度军官们将印度的对华战略描述为“胆小”,称和中国在边境上对 军事基础设施的大修以及军事现代化“没法比”。


近日,印度媒体渲染“中国威胁”的节奏相当密集。有印媒称,上周中国军队两次越过 “实控线”进入印度一侧,引发双方对峙。对此,中国外交部发言人陆慷14日回应说,经中方了解,中国边防部队在实控线中方一侧进行正常巡逻活动,不存在所 谓“越线”的问题。他说,也没有听说印媒所称的“在巴控克什米尔地区发现中国军队活动”的情况。

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