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In a break from tradition, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) made no direct reference to “Pakistan and China” while assessing the security scenario, according to a report in the Indian media on March 22. In its Annual Report released on Monday the MoD only talked about “strengthening relations with neighbours”.

In the Indian Defence Ministry’s national security scenario for 2015-16, “there is no direct reference to China and Pakistan”, reported the Indian Express. In contrast, the MoD’s Annual Report for the previous year sounded alarm over “increasing Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean region” and “ Pakistan’s northwest frontier province area as the “fountainhead” of terror activities in the region”.

When discussing the situation along the India-China border, the Report states that it “continues to be peaceful”, according to the Economic Times on March 22. The Report says that there are a few areas along the border where India and China have differing perceptions of the LAC, as a result of which transgression by patrols takes place, but the two sides meet through the established mechanism of hot lines, flag meetings and border personnel meetings. The Report also states that there has been an increase in assertiveness during routine patrolling by the Chinese Army.

Another Economic Times report said that although the MoD Annual Report “did not name China and the United States,” it red marked the  “on-going contestations” over island territories as a threat to the security of this region. “Shifts in the global balance of power, as reflected in recent developments in the Asia Pacific region, have introduced new dimensions in military and diplomatic interactions among the major powers and regional countries”.

With reference to the Kashmir situation, Siyasat Daily noted that the MoD report reveals that a total of 153 ceasefire violations occurred last year, compared to 152 violations  the year before. The Economic Times report said that the Indian Defense Ministry stressed: ”the security environment will face challenges of complex regional environment and the global situation”, “In terms of internal factors, there is need to constantly guard against radical forces (elements) entering southern Kashmir; The changing external situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan may also affect Jammu and Kashmir.”

In addition, the formulations that “terrorism is the most serious threat” and that the “Indian Ocean is crucial for the development and security of India” are the key elements of the Indian MoD Report.

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据《印度快报》23日报道,在有关2015/16年国家安全形势的内容里,印国防部在今年的报告中“没有直接提到中国和巴基斯坦”。而去年的报 告称,“中国在印度洋地区军事活动增加”,“巴基斯坦西北边境地区是恐怖活动的‘源头’”。印度《经济时报》22日称,谈到印中边境地区,报告称“继续和 平”,“两国军队虽然对‘实际控制线’理解不同,但双方通过热线建立了会晤机制,举行了边防人员会议”。报告认为,“能感觉到解放军在巡逻时的自信明显增 加”。


有关克什米尔局势,印度新闻网站Siasat Daily称,国防部报告显示,去年共发生153起违反停火协议的事件,前年是152起。《经济时 报》称,印度国防部强调,“安全环境将面对复杂的区域环境和全球形势的挑战”,“在内部因素方面,需要警惕激进势力不断进入克什米尔南部;而巴基斯坦和阿富汗形势变化等外部因素也可能影响到查谟和克什米尔”。


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