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Will cover border and other strategic issues

Following a short period of inactivity, there will be a quick succession of high-level meetings between India and China, reported the Economic Times. Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval will visit this week and attend the India-China strategic talks. Ahead of Doval, India’s Defence Minister Parrikar will visit Beijing and hold talks with Chinese leaders.

According the report, this will be the first time this year the two countries will hold a strategic dialogue. Doval was originally scheduled to visit in January but had to postpone the visit due to a terrorist attack at a military base in northern India. This round of strategic talks is expected to last for a day and will cover both the border question as well as other strategic issues between the two countries.

An Economic Times commentary stated that the two countries have not made progress on exchanging views on the border question  for a long time. This is perhaps because since the two sides met on September 2014 the situation on the border has been relatively stable. Last autumn there was a stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops but it was very quickly resolved. This is very nearly the longest phase of stability and peace on the border.

The Hindustan Times also reported, that in addition to the border question, Doval is expected to raise China’s hold on adding Jaish-e-Mohammed leader to the UN Security Council terrorist sanctions list. Previously, China used the reason  “did not meet the requirements of the Security Council” to put off India’s request, reported the Hindustan Times. On April 18, India’s Minister of External Affairs, Swaraj raised this issue with China at the Russia-China-India trilateral meeting between Foreign  Ministers.

Reporter: Zheng Xiang


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印安全防务高官将接连来华   将涉及边界和其他战略问题




《印度斯坦时报》10日称,除边界问题外,多瓦尔预计还将推动中方将武装组织“穆罕默德军”头目马苏德·阿兹哈尔列入联合国安理会制裁名单。此前,中国以“未达到安理会的相关要求”为由搁置了印度的这一请求。该报说,在4月18日举行的印中俄三国外长会上,印度外长斯瓦拉杰也将向中国提出这一问题。           (甄翔)


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