Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 03

“Sources disclosed that India is unlikely to increase its military presence along the India-China border”. This was a news item published in India’s “Deccan Chronicle” on May 2.  Reports of  warming of India-China relations are on the rise these days in India.

“Deccan Chronicle” is the leading English newspaper in South India, and according to its report, India has already “taken a clear decision”  not to enhance its military deployment along the India-China border. Security sources said that India is focusing on improving  connectivity between the two countries through land routes, while China is willing to invest more in bilateral trade instead of engaging itself in border disputes with India.

The report further says that “border intrusions” from the Chinese side have already come down significantly. And that, reeling under the impact of global recession, China has started to invest in India and is yearning to explore more potential areas of investment in India. Both the armies have agreed to uphold the treaties and agreements signed by both the governments, unlike in the past. The governments of both the countries have also started to identify sectors which will see growth with improvement in land route connectivity. Indian media reported that border representatives of the two armies met at the Chinese side on May 1.

With an improvement in the atmospherics of  bilateral relations,  demands from the Indian side also seem to have become more direct. According to a news report of May 3 in the Indian journal “Daily Excelsior”, India has demanded that China stop all construction activities in  Pakistan “occupied” Kashmir. The report said that India has  information from security personnel that some Chinese organizations are currently working on the highway passing through Pakistan-administered Kashmir, in addition to some other electrical power projects. The Indian government has time and again asked Pakistan not to carry out such construction activities.




报道还称,中方人员的“越界”已经明显减少,受全球经济衰退的影响,中国开始在印度投资, 并且渴望发掘印度更多的可投资领域。与以往不同的是,印中两国军方都同意支持两国政府签署的条约和协议,两国政府也已经开始确认如果陆路连通改善会给哪些 部门带来增长。印度媒体报道说,5月1日,印中军方的边界代表在中方一侧举行聚会。


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