Journal : People's Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : Jiang Bo Page No. : 03

BRICS countries are important engines of world economic growth

BEIJING, People’s Daily, September 29 (Reporter: Jiang Bo): Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said during a regular press conference on September 29 that the BRICS countries are important engines of world economic growth, and looked forward to the efforts and contributions of BRICS countries in promoting changes in the global governance system.

A reporter asked: IMF Chief Christine Lagarde said on September 28 that China and India would continue to do relatively better in economic growth, growing at around 6 percent and more than 7 percent, respectively. Brazil and Russia will begin to show signs of recovery. What does that mean for the BRICS Summit to be held next month in Goa, India?

Geng Shuang replied: The BRICS countries are important engines driving the world economic growth, a fact reinforced by the IMF’s predictions. When the world economic recovery is feeble and unbalanced, the BRICS countries still boast great potential and a bright prospect for growth. There is so much to be expected. Their contributions to the world economy are indispensable.

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