Journal : Jiefang Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 06

India’s “haze capital” launches APP for controlling haze

Mobilizing public monitoring to report pollution

Xinhua feature:  Indian capital New Delhi on October 21 launched a mobile APP, in the hope of mobilizing the masses to do their bit for easing the air pollution.

Associated Press reports that this APP is called “Change the Air”, and after downloading it, the user can report the presence of pollutants like construction dust or the burning of garbage in public parks to authorities in real time by different methods like uploading the photos etc., Government staff can also handle relevant complaints through the APP and launch investigations.

Emissions from burning of fossil fuels, building dust, building materials and chemical plant emissions, as well as the ashes generated by farmers burning grain stalks are all reasons for Delhi’s haze. The low temperature, no wind conditions and the dry climate of New Delhi’s winters make it easier for contaminants to get deposited. In addition, automobile emissions constitute one of the main causes of haze. According to statistics, New Delhi has 8.5 million motor vehicles, and the number is growing fast.

The World Health Organization released a report in May last year ranking New Delhi as the world’s most heavily polluted city in 2014. For the haze, the New Delhi government not only has issued orders limiting the number of vehicles on road, but also has taken other measures.

Last December, the Supreme Court of India issued a short-term ban on the registration of new diesel vehicles with a displacement of more than 2000cc in New Delhi. At the same time, all the taxis in New Delhi were also required to change to Compressed Natural Gas engines. High-polluting trucks entering the capital area are also levied higher charges.

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