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On August 2 this year, the United Nations Security Council 1267 Committee put on technical hold the application for the leader of the armed organization “Jaish-E-Muhammad”, Masood, to be named in the sanctions list, The technical hold will expire on November 2. “The Times of India” on October 30th quoted Indian senior intelligence officers as saying that as the technical hold can not be extended, China is taking steps to completely bar this proposal. The report said that this will lead India-China relations into a new impasse.

India accused the Pakistani-based “Jaish-E-Muhammad” of being behind the planning of the 2016 attack on its Indian Air Force base. “Times of India” said that India had repeatedly provided information to China that showed Masood participation in the attack, but China insists that there was no solid evidence of this allegation. In September this year, the “BRICs National Leaders’ Xiamen Declaration” referred to the “Jaish-E-Mohammed”, creating hope in India. But these hopes may have been completely dashed by China’s latest position.

New Delhi TV on 30th afternoon, “Hindustan Times” and many other media also followed up on a report saying that China once again hinted  at blocking the application for listing of Masood. The report quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Huahun Chun’s statement that day, “1267 Committee so far failed to reach a consensus.”

“Times of India” said that China had “blocked” India’s way in three major international issues facing India. These included membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the “Jaish-E-Mohammed” issue. Last week, India told visiting US Secretary of State, Tillerson, that the two countries needed to engage in dialogue over terrorism. The source said that the dialogue may be carried out in the next few months; its focus will be on naming of Masood.

Huachun Ying clarified on the 30th that the Chinese side maintained that in the 1267 Committee,  the countries concerned have different views on the application for listing Masood. The Chinese side has put forward a technical hold, with the aim of giving the Committee more time to consider and to enable further consultations between the parties concerned. Regrettably, the Committee has so far failed to reach a consensus. The Chinese side took that action in the 1267 Committee with the aim of maintaining the authority and effectiveness of the Council’s list of names, meeting the Council’s resolutions and the rules of procedure of the Committee, and with a responsible attitude. The Chinese side would remain in communicate and coordinate with the parties concerned in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council and the Rules of Procedure of the 1267 Committee.

At the Press Conference  on the 30th, an Indian reporter asked, “Does the Chinese side favor Pakistan’s interests?” Huachun Ying replied, “I can understand why you ask this question, but I can not agree with you. On the issue of counter-terrorism, China has consistently upheld an objective and impartial standpoint, all along making its judgements and decisions on the basis of the merits of the matter per se. Pakistan is a victim of terrorism, and we support the implementation of counter-terrorism actions by Pakistan in accordance with its own national conditions”.

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