Journal : Xinhua net Date : Author : Xin Shiping, translation by Md Yasin Page No. : NA

For some time now, some people have spread all sorts of ideas and arguments for “reverence for America” and “kowtowing to it”, envying American “democracy” and “freedom” or lauding the current state of human rights in the United States or exaggerating the “resilience” of the American system. What is more, they have even “opened their minds” to praise for the United States’ capacity to fight the pandemic.

Facts are the most potent way of “nailing” lies. The accumulated COVID-19 death toll in the US has exceeded 300,000. The painful cry (for help) of George Floyd from the Black community, “I can’t breathe”; the chaotic situation of political polarisation in that country and the perfidious and peremptory bullying practices of some American politicians have long caused the image of the so-called “beacon state” to take a beating in the hearts (minds) of the people of the world. No matter how elaborately it is whitewashed or how hard some people may try to trick, they will find it difficult to escape an “encounter” with the truth. People have an innate ability to weigh matters. Some netizens’ comments have, rightly, hit the nail on the head: “Though quite clearly they are jokers, they consider themselves to be legends”.

The people who “pay obeisance to America” and “kowtow to it” invariably praise whatever is American and disparage whatever is Chinese. They only ask about the standpoint, not (what is) right or wrong; holding that “the Moon is more round in foreign lands than in China”, they excel in vilifying and expressing pessimistic views about their motherland. They are happy to weave all kinds of “American fairy tales” and even don’t have qualms in cooking up rumors. They fall for the obvious dissimulation when some American politicians try to reverse the course of history entailing serious repercussions, or get busy helping to whitewash (the damage). Conversely, China’s great achievements in development are not worth mentioning in their eyes, and the new era of a vibrant and thriving China is, in their view, nothing.

At the end of the day, some people have not yet “stood up” mentally. (N.B. An allusion to Mao’s stirring declaration at the time of founding of the PRC in 1949 that “the Chinese people have stood up”, no doubt.) The “worshippers of America”, “kowtowing to it”, regard American values as the standard and bow down to the “world’s overlord”; they suffer from “osteomalacia” (weak bones, i.e. ‘no backbone’) in their thinking. They are ready to “capitulate” during struggle, (betraying) loss of self-confidence and capacity for basic (good) judgment. Some people naively believe that by trading interests for security and seeking self-protection through compromise, i.e. as long as China “does not fight back or return abuse”, the country will be able to live in peace. Such a ridiculous theory, without even a modicum of Chinese morality/righteousness and courage! Some people are not ashamed of that, in fact proud of it. And even boast of being “objective”, “profound” and “insightful”. Is it not weird and paradoxical? This kind of self-demoralising fallacious thinking persons, standing matters on their head, and the “kowtowing clan”, who forget their roots and give succour to the enemy, must be resolutely fought against so as to expose their painted skin and eliminate their influence, and not let their faulty value system mislead people.

The Chinese people do not cause trouble and are not afraid of troubles (either). Whatever the difficulty or danger, they will not cower with trembling legs and crouching backs.  Faced with strong winds and waves, we only need to maintain confidence and determination, and steadfastly do our own thing, and there is no hurdle that we will not be able to overcome. A civilized and progressive China striving for self-improvement is the best remedy for curing the ailment of “spinelessness”.

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