Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Zhong Nanshan:, Translated by Ding Yuqing Page No. : NA
Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” article on March 31, original title: China’s vaccination percentage is very low.
 Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, recently called on people to get vaccinated, saying that China is at risk, in waiting for foreign countries to get immunized. He emphasized that there is a gap now, and that China’s good control (in response to the epidemic) was to buy time to get the vaccine.

Bloomberg News article on March 30, original title: China’s vaccination plan will increase the country’s GDP growth rate to 9.3%. Oxford Economic Research Institute predicts that China’s ambitious new corona vaccination plan to increase the vaccination rate by the end of June to 40%, may accelerate the country’s economic growth rate to 9.3%.

The Oxford Economics Institute estimates that this will require vaccinating 10 million people every day, which is twice the current rate. If China continues to maintain this pace in the third quarter and vaccinates 60%-70% of the population, it will be possible to achieve some degree of herd immunity. The report stated, “Although China’s economic prospects are not as dependent on the speed of vaccination as other countries, increasing the vaccination rate is essential for the country’s full return to normalcy and narrowing the immunity gap with other countries, which alone can enable China to be safe enough to open its borders”.

Reuters article on March 31, original title: Chinese State media warns against “crude” promotion of vaccination. Chinese State media reported on Wednesday that some places have adopted “simplistic and crude” measures to promote vaccination.  The vaccination situation has been linked to students’ graduation and teacher performance evaluation by the authorities in some schools; some units ignore the special physical conditions of some employees and require all employees to be vaccinated on a “one size fits all” basis; some places use administrative power to intervene in the normal production and operation order of enterprises in order to improve the vaccination schedule …China’s vaccination follows the voluntary principle, and the report claims that resorting to such “oversimplification” may increase the resistance of some people. 


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