Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Hu Bofeng, Special Correspondent in India Page No. : NA

According to data released by India’s Ministry of Health on the 5th, the country had about 103,500 new confirmed cases of novel corona pneumonia on the 4th. This is the largest single-day increase in India since the outbreak of the epidemic, and also makes it the second country after the United States to add more than 100,000 new cases in a single day.

After peaking at more than 90,000 cases in early September last year, India’s single-day number of confirmed cases had steadily declined, once dropping below 10,000 in February this year. But since March, confirmed cases have suddenly rebounded in a spurt. The Hindu newspaper said on the 5th, the current prognosis of India’s epidemic prevention and control is not optimistic,. A second wave of the epidemic has clearly appeared in Maharashtra, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and other states, and a new round of confirmed cases is growing faster than before. Babu, an Indian epidemiologist, believes that the declining immunity of human antibodies, lax epidemic prevention measures, and potential super-spreaders may be the three major causes of the current epidemic tension.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted an emergency special meeting on the 4th to deal with the current epidemic. According to the Times of India on the 5th, Modi considered issues related to the fight against the epidemic such as vaccination, surge of cases, public health infrastructure, logistics, and vaccine production capacity at the meeting. He called on all regions to seriously implement epidemic prevention measures such as detection, tracking, treatment, protection of (medical) personnel and vaccination.

Reports said Maharashtra has had the highest number of confirmed cases over the past two weeks, accounting for 57 percent of confirmed cases and 47 percent of deaths in the country over the same period, with more than 57,000 new confirmed cases in the state on the 4th. Modi decided to send a special task force composed of health experts and clinicians to the state to guide the local prevention and fight against the epidemic. In addition, the Maharashtra government has ordered a curfew from 20:00 daily to 07:00 the next day from Monday to Friday from 5; a lockdown all day Saturday and Sunday; no gatherings of more than five people allowed; restaurants are not allowed to provide in-store dining services, only take-out is allowed; and the closure of cinemas, theaters and other public event venues until April 30.

India launched a new corona vaccination drive on January 16, and more than 79 million people have been vaccinated nationwide. The Hindu newspaper, quoting anonymous senior government officials, said on the 5th that in response to the current severe epidemic, the Russian produced “satellite-V” new corona  vaccine may be authorized by the Indian government for emergency use within 10 days.

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