Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Liu Jinxiang Page No. : NA

In the era of information fragmentation, we always complain that we are exposed to the flood of information, passively addicted to the pan-entertainment “titilating music”, unable to focus on in-depth thinking and reading, even if we open the reading software to read a book properly, the screen is littered with all kinds of cross-web links .

The net has profoundly changed writing themes, writing styles and readers’ reading styles. For us ordinary people, complaining about the times does not work, and mastering what we can master is all that we can do to be a “good reader”. As Eliot said, “A great poet does not have many readers in one age, but a few quality readers in each age”. It inspires us: no matter ancient or modern, cultural history is fundamentally composed of classical writing and high-quality reading, and excellent readers are also the important coordinates of the cultural system of an era and the basic parameters indicative of humanity in a society. The pattern, perception and tenacity of readers have the same dynamic effect on the civilization of the era.

Readers also have different levels of literacy and quality. For ordinary readers, reading does not constitute the background and main theme of their lives, and is even dispensable,. Some of them adopt a pragmatic attitude to reading, and some use reading as a way to pass time. For quality readers, reading is an essential element in their lives and “life gene”. Without their active participation and conscious involvement, even if a classic work is published, it cannot be widely disseminated due to the lack of a broad market and social foundation; even if a great author is born, he or she lacks a spiritual confidant and a spiritual fan, so that his or her social value Even if a great author is born, his/her talents may be buried due to the lack of spiritual friends and supporters, so that his social value cannot be respected as it should be. Therefore, if a society wants to have classical writings and great authors, t must greatly increase the proportion and number of excellent readers.

The measure and standard of a good reader need a comprehensive reading ability for self-testing, which is mainly reflected in three aspects: First, at least one can read without distractions, in the words of Zeng Guofan, “body, eyes, hands and heart too”. The second is to deeply analyze the theme of the work and accurately audit the connotation of the original work. The third is to make new creative discoveries and interpretations on the basis of maintaining the original meaning of the original work, giving it a new meaning and transforming it into one’s own heart and mind.

Comparing the above standards and realizing the gap between ourselves and excellent readers, we can truly feel that no matter what era, reading is by no means an easy task. Since we can overcome inertia and put down mobile phones, due to our own lack of quality, there are also Many valuable knowledge and nutrients may be filtered and lost during the reading process, so that they cannot enter the inner texture of the classic writings and become the author’s true soulmate.

The first thing that I would like to say is that I am very happy to be able to read a book.

(The author is a special researcher of the Research Center of Socialism Theory System with Chinese Characteristics in Heilongjiang Province)


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