Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Wang Ce Page No. : NA

A 35-year-old man was beaten by two police officers on the road in Indore, India, for not wearing a proper mask in public.

“The man who was beaten was a local tuk-tuk driver. On April 6th, he was passing through a market to visit his sick father in hospital when two police officers found his mask slipping off his nose and not worn properly. The policemen asked the man to come with them to the police station, but the man refused. The two police officers then beat him up.

The video of the police beating was soon posted online, and many Internet users were outraged by it, and a child can be heard crying out for his father in the video. An official from the Indore city government said the local police department has launched an investigation into the incident and the two police officers involved have been suspended, but no specific details were released. The local police said that the man who was not wearing a mask first insulted the two police officers before being beaten.

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