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Recently, some media and overseas social media platform users speculated that Gao Fu, Director of the Chinese CDC, “admitted” that the protection rate of the new corona vaccine developed in China is low and that “China is considering other vaccination programs to solve the problem of low efficacy”. In an interview with the Huan Qiu SHi Bao on the 11th, Gao categorically denied this, saying that “this is a total misunderstanding”. He responded that, as scientists around the world discussed the issue of vaccine protection efficiency, he proposed a future scientific thinking that, if the issue of vaccine efficiency is to be improved, it can be further improved by optimizing vaccination procedures and using different technical routes for sequential vaccination.

“The global vaccine protection rate test data are both high and low. How to improve the protection rate of vaccines is a question that needs to be considered by scientists around the world”, Gao told the Huan Qiu Shi Bao. “In this regard, I put forward my thinking on optimizing vaccination procedures in terms of doses, dosages and vaccination intervals, such as using several vaccines in an alternating vaccination (sequential immunization) approach”.

Gao stressed, “This is the first time that humans have been vaccinated against the new corona virus. All current immunization procedures are based on extrapolations of inferences from other viral vaccines used in the past. This has worked quite well. But in the future, if we wish to improve, we will need to adjust according to the characteristics of the corona virus itself and the trends in the current vaccination”.

“Following the traditional method of developing a vaccine, we would not have developed a vaccine within this year. But scientists around the world have worked out  a new corona virus vaccine within a few months, for the first time ever worldwide, and there are many scientific questions about them, and so many scientific questions facing humanity need to be answered”.

As for the effectiveness of the vaccine, Gao Fu said the WHO requirement for the effectiveness of the new corona vaccine is more than 50 percent, and the current pass line for most vaccines that can be marketed internationally is more than 70 percent.

Gao Fu also drew attention to the fact that the benefits of vaccination to far outweigh the risks. “Vaccines should be used fairly and shared globally, and if they are not shared globally, the virus will be shared worldwide”.

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