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(This Editorial was carried in the English language Global Times on April 17, 2021. The English version is reproduced below, pending translation of the Chinese one.)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a Friday statement condemned the sentencing of Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai, opposition campaigner Martin Lee Chu-ming and other activists. “We will continue to stand with Hongkongers,” Blinken said. But what he said is completely opposite to reality. As a matter of fact, Washington has always been standing, and will continue to stand with the “enemy of Hong Kong.” It is wantonly interfering in Hong Kong’s rule of law and judicial independence.

Who are Lai and Lee? Both of them are anti-China traitors and secessionists who have colluded with external forces in messing up Hong Kong. They not only took the lead in rallying rioters and participating in illegal protests, but also incited and planned subversive and separatist operations, turning Hong Kong into a chaotic city. They have brought great damage to the interests of all Hong Kong citizens. If these culprits are not brought to justice, how can Hong Kong really set things right?

Hong Kong is a society under the rule of law. The sentencing of Lai, Lee and their likes is strictly in accordance with the Basic Law and Hong Kong’s judicial procedures. The basis of the conviction is clearly written in the court verdict. Anyone can check it out on the website of the Hong Kong Judiciary. Sentencing those leaders of rioters will objectively help restore Hong Kong’s judicial authority which was severely damaged by rioters as well as resuming Hong Kong residents’ confidence in rule of law as soon as possible.

But the US and the West cannot accept such a fair judgement. When Hong Kong was in chaos, the verdicts that showed sympathy and partiality to violent rioters were supported by the US and the West. Now, the leaders of the rioters have been sentenced, but the US and the West are flagrantly pointing an accusing finger at Hong Kong. They intended to shape people like Lai and Lee as heroes. In their plan, these leaders in the unrest couldn’t be legally punished, but should be awarded a big prize.
Blinken’s statement is completely detached from reality. He blatantly violated the basic principles of international law and interfered in other countries’ internal affairs, which reflects his contempt for the true spirit of the law.

Blinken’s statement is representative of hypocrisy and double standards. What the US and the West are considering is not the stability of Hong Kong or the citizens’ wellbeing at all. They care about political manipulation. They take Hong Kong as a bridgehead for intervening in China’s affairs. To achieve their purposes, they publicly supported Hong Kong rioters, standing opposite to Hong Kong’s rule of law and order. Without their support behind the scenes, Hong Kong wouldn’t have slipped into chaos at all. Obviously, they won’t stop until they create another “beautiful sight” in Hong Kong.

Fortunately, Hong Kong is not a place where the US and the West can do whatever they want. The central government and all people who love the country and Hong Kong won’t allow rioters to ruin Hong Kong. Although the rioters had once been rampant in collusion with anti-China forces in the US and the West, they were strongly curbed after the central government and Hong Kong citizens felt the urgency. With the implementation of the national security law for Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong election reforms that only allow patriots to govern Hong Kong, the city’s stability and prosperity have been guaranteed. The radical forces of Hong Kong have come to a dead end. No matter how the US and the West try to support them or intervene in Hong Kong affairs, it won’t work now. Hong Kong’s destiny will never be left in the hands of outsiders.

An interesting phenomenon is that the US, like a centipede with many legs, often claims to “stand with” someone else. Whoever the US “stands with” will become unlucky, because the US will want it to help confront governments that Washington dislikes and to act as cannon fodder for the US’ own interests. The US wants its lackeys to be on the frontline while it only needs to dangle a carrot in front of them. This is cost-effective for the US. It’s unknown whether Lai and Lee who are in prison can figure this out.

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