Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Wang Huicong Page No. : NA

Japan is moving towards joining the “Five Eyes Alliance”. Shingo Yamagami, the Japanese ambassador to Australia who took office in December 2020, said in an interview with Australian media on the 21st that he “hopes to see the above ideas become a reality in the near future”.

According to the “Sydney Morning Herald” report oF the 21st, while New Zealand has reservations about expanding any “tentacles” of the “Five Eyes Alliance”, the idea of ​​Japan becoming the “sixth eye” is gradually being put on the agenda. “This is something that is really going on, and Japanese dignitaries and officials are aware of its importance,” said Shingo Yamayama, who was head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s intelligence department, “as a signal to show that these countries share the same universal values and strategic interests. ” According to the report, both the “Five Eyes Alliance” countries and Japan see China as a strategic adversary.

“Logically speaking, Japan is the best candidate in terms of benefits and capabilities,” said Medcalf, Dean of the National Security College of the Australian National University. “If there is a country that understands China in depth and detail, it is Japan.” But Medcalf said that Japan faces “major institutional challenges” in meeting the “Five Eyes Alliance” regulations and agreements, and that a more realistic approach would be to conceive of a Five Eyes Plus One mechanism.   Australia and New Zealand joined the intelligence network composed of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada in1956, making it a complete “Five Eyes” alliance. This was the last time the organization admitted new members. The New Zealand Foreign Minister publicly stated on the 19th that it firmly opposed the “Five Eyes Alliance” manipulating the relationship between China and New Zealand.


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