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Youth is the most active and vibrant force in the entire social force, the hope of the country lies in the youth, and the future of the nation lies in the youth.

— Xi Jinping


No one can determine the future,

I can

Because youth is the future;


No one can be young forever,No one can be young forever,

I can

Because young at heart is always young,

Young forever;

Being young is to go forward,

Enduring failure after failure,

To get up one more time after failure;

Ten thousand questions arise  in the future,

I will give  ten thousand and one answers;


Being young is to not believe in fate


Being young is to believe in yourself;

Not believe in being successful,

But to believe that you will never be defeated;


That’s the way the youth should be,

That’s the way youth has always been;

Generation after generation of such self-belief,

That’s why we have the confidence we have today;

Not to be changed by the world,

But to change the world;

I believe I can be what I believe;

What am i like,

So will China be;


I myself am China.
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