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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference


Bloomberg: President Joe Biden plans to amend a U.S. ban on investments in companies linked to China’s military. The new order that Biden is expected to sign this week will change the criteria for blacklisting entities to capture those that operate in the defense or surveillance technology sectors. How concerned are you that the new blacklist will be broader than the previous ones? And how will China respond? Second question, Budapest will rename the streets surrounding the planned campus of a Chinese university to protest against the project, which Hungary’s opposition says is emblematic of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s drift from western democratic values. Does the ministry have a comment on this?

Wang Wenbin: On your first question, the previous US administration put in place an investment ban on so-called companies with links to the PLA in total disregard of facts the real situation in certain companies. The move severely disrupted normal market rules and order. It not only undermined the lawful rights and interests of Chinese companies but also hurt the interests of global investors including those in the US.

The US should respect rule of law and the market, correct its mistakes, and stop actions that undermine the global financial market order and investors’ lawful rights and interests. China will take necessary measures to firmly safeguard Chinese enterprises’ legitimate and lawful rights and interests and support them in defending their rights and interests according to law.

With regard to your second question, joint education programs undertaken by domestic and foreign institutions have become a common model of international educational cooperation nowadays. It helps promote cultural exchange and mutual-learning between countries.

China-Hungary relations are growing with a robust momentum with fruitful results in practical cooperation delivering benefits to both countries and peoples. The attempt of certain Hungarian politicians to attract attention and impede China-Hungary cooperation by hyping up China-related issues is utterly despicable.

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