Journal : Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

PTI: My question is about the representation by about 300 Indians, who earlier resided in Beijing and different parts of China and who are stuck in India. They said that they had complied with the March order of the Chinese embassy in India to take Chinese vaccines. They had gone to different countries, they had taken these vaccines and they are still not able to make it to China. Some of these people’s families are here in China. Some of them are on the verge of losing their jobs. Is China willing to look at a road map on humanitarian ground to accept their applications to return to their work here?

Wang Wenbin: With a view to resuming international travel in an orderly fashion, China provides convenience to incoming foreigners who have received Chinese vaccines, hold vaccination certificates and are eligible to apply for visas. You can contact the Chinese embassy and consulates in India for the specifics

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