Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Huan Tao Page No. : NA

India’s young billionaire, Nikhil Kamath, recently admitted that he beat five-time world chess champion, Viswanathan Anand, by cheating, but said that he did so only for “fun and charity”.

According to the Indian newspaper, The Economic Times, of the 15th, Kamath caused a stir when he played against chess grandmaster, Anand, at an online chess charity event on the 13th, and quickly won. But on the 14th, Kamath admitted that he had won the game with the help of a computer and others.

He then issued an apology for cheating, saying “it is a trifle ridiculous that so many people thought I had actually beaten Anand in a chess match. It would be like me waking up and beating Bolt in a 100m dash”. Kamathcalled his behaviour “stupid” and said he didn’t realise the chaos it would cause.

Anand seemed inclined to play down the incident, saying that the celebrity match was mainly to raise funds. But the secretary of the Indian Chess Federation said Kamath’s action was “terrible” and should not have been done even if it was for charity.

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