Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

According to the India Today website, on 27th June, two explosions occurred at the Indian Air Force base in Jammu in the early hours of the day, causing minor damage to buildings. The explosions were caused by bombs dropped from drones, the first time a drone has been used to launch an attack on an Indian defence establishment, according to an investigation.

The two explosions occurred at 1.37am and 1.42am, just five minutes apart, the report said. The two blasts were later confirmed by the Indian Air Force on Twitter: “Two low intensity explosions occurred at Jammu Air Force Base in the early hours of 27th. One caused minor damage to the roof of a building and the other exploded in an open area without any damage to equipment.”

The Indian security services characterised them as a “terrorist attack by separatist militants”. Initial investigations found that the blasts were caused by improvised explosive devices dropped by drones, possibly targeting aircraft parked near the base’s helicopter hangar. The Indian army is concerned that the drones were not detected by radar and (observed) that “the gap in the Indian army’s counter-drone capability needs to be filled as soon as possible”.

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