12654: Indian tea expected to spread in China Global Times (Chinese)
12486: Chinese home appliance brands popular with Indian consumers People's Daily (Chinese)
12392: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Brahmaputra data exchange MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing
12329: Indian Internet firms look forward to strengthening cooperation with Chinese firms People's Daily (Chinese)
12267: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on ban on Huawei and ZTE MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing
12257: Huawei responds to its being banned from building 5G in India: cooperation underway Global Times (Chinese)
12244: LARGEST (SALES) OUTLET Global Times (Chinese)
12034: Foreign media report recent entry of Indian generics in China Global Times (Chinese)
“Chinese legion” successful in Indian mobile phone market Global Times (Chinese)
11869: BCIM offers pathway for broader China-India energy cooperation Global Times (English)
11835: Ploughing deep and managing carefully, Chinese enterprise helps develop plastics industry in India People's Daily (Chinese)
11827: China big investor in India Global Times (Chinese)
11809: Promising prospect of China-India cooperation in tourism Guangming Daily (Chinese)
Kolkata Consul General Ma Zhanwu attends seminar of Indian “wholesalers and Chambers of commerce” Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
11658: India wants China to help build railway corridor Global Times (Chinese)
11647: Joining forces can help China, India gain pricing power in global crude oil market Global Times (English)
India wants to form an “oil price alliance” with China Global Times (Chinese)
11574: India wants Amir Khan to be (brand) Ambassador for reducing trade deficit with China Global Times (Chinese)
11531: India wants China to share hydrological data Global Times (Chinese)
11504: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on India-China hydrological data exchanges Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
How do Chinese mobile phones “attract fans” in India People's Daily (Chinese)
11229: India’s abuse of trade remedies against Chinese products will end up entrapping itself Global Times (English)
11000: India should further open market: experts Global Times (English)
10995: Eastern India embraces China Global Times (Chinese)
10949: Confiscating foreign-owned assets can be enemy of Chinese investment in India Global Times (English)
10947: Confiscating foreign-owned assets can be enemy of Chinese investment in India Global Times (English)
10850: India filed 98 anti-dumping suits against Chinese goods last year Global Times (Chinese)
10754: Indian infrastructure companies fear cooperation with Chinese enterprises because of difficulty in clearing Government security reviews Global Times (Chinese)
10630: Trade and economic relations between China and India mirror economic maturity of India Global Times (Chinese)
National Development Bank of China chasing “long standing debts” in India Global Times (Chinese)
10512: Chinese mobile phones win over Indian market People's Daily (Chinese)
10500: Chinese companies quietly making big investments in India? Global Times (Chinese)
10497: India goes for price war with China on satellite launches Global Times (Chinese)
10493: India alleges Foxconn postpones plans to set up factories in India Global Times (Chinese)
10355: Indian media avers Chinese enterprises delaying Indian high-speed rail project Global Times (Chinese)
10350: India blames China for delays in upgrading high speed rail in South India Global Times (Chinese)
India to reduce dependence on Chinese medicines to “safeguard against risks” Global Times (Chinese)
10234: Indian media: Opposing Chinese manufacturing self-harming Global Times (Chinese)
10171: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Kailash-Mansarovar yatra, post-Doklam, hydrological data Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10104: India’s tax ruling on Hutchison-Vodafone deal would scare away Chinese investors Global Times (English)
10079: Sino-Indian farm trade proposal is a new paradigm to safeguard the interests of developing countries Global Times (English)
China Alipay model to boost “Indian version of Alipay” Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
10067: Indian people do not want boycott of Chinese goods Global Times (Chinese)
10003: India to restrict imports of cheap Chinese goods again Global Times (Chinese)
9984: Five reasons why Chinese tourism is far better than Indian tourism Global Times (Chinese)
9963: Chinese smart phone brand disrupt market in India Global Times (Chinese)
9953: IT import review by India yet another step in the wrong direction for bilateral ties Global Times (English)
9934: Boycotting Chinese goods would harm India China Daily (English)
9900: BJP fans dangerous nationalistic sentiment through call for boycott Global Times (English)
9886: Boycotting Chinese goods will put India at risk Global Times (Chinese)
9883: No impact from calls for boycott of China Global Times (English)
9839: Is the largest Chinese investment project in India blocked? Global Times (Chinese)
9753: Learning of boycott of Chinese goods, Chinese businessmen begin to complain Global Times (Chinese)
9346: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on bar on Chinese Firms in India Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
8880: China, India should focus on cooperation rather than disputes: NPC spokesperson Xinhua (English)
8834: Chinese enterprises set off a wave of investments in India People's Daily (Chinese)
8831: I helped India build “population database” Global Times (Chinese)
8808: China launches anti-dumping probe against Indian chemical imports Xinhua (English)
8762: China behind India’s falling donkey population? Global Times (Chinese)
8761: Chinese and Indian economies will surpass that of US by 2050? Global Times (Chinese)
8704: “Indian iPhone” cannot defeat Chinese mobile brands? Global Times (Chinese)
8687: Keying in an Indian theme China Daily (English)
8648: Guizhou firm pumps funds to aid Indian state China Daily (English)
Chinese brands dominate India’s smartphone market China Daily (English)
8393: Chinese beef importers wary of Indian buffalo meat ECNS
8352: India has huge potential to be new global manufacturing hub China Daily Asia
8351: Stronger China-India ties a bonus for Asia China Daily Asia
8269: Consul General Ma Zhanwu Speaks on BCIM at Indian Seminar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
8219: China-India ties can jumpstart an Asian revolution Global Times (English)
8173: In case of a trade war between China and the US, India should strengthen itself Global Times (Chinese)
8145: India may suffer due to US-China trade war, worries ASSOCHAM Global Times (Chinese)
8136: India should focus on manufacturing industry and Asian supply chain for growth Global Times (English)
8040: Chinese mobile phone brands account for 51% of Indian market Global Times (Chinese)
8034: China should focus on manufacturing upgrade amid rising competition from India Global Times (English)
8027: Phone makers win in Indian market China Daily (English)
8012: Phone makers win in Indian market ECNS
7948: Local level exchanges gradually become the new highlight in Sino-Indian cooperation People's Daily (Chinese)
7884: OPPO plans US$216m industrial park in India China.org (English)
7708: Chinese technology helps build “Digital India” People's Daily (Chinese)
7684: Chinese mobile brands proud and elated over excellent performance overseas People's Daily (Chinese)
7680: Chinese mobile brands proud and elated over excellent overseas performance People's Daily (Chinese)
7621: Chinese LED products seek to brighten India China Daily (English)
7597: “Chinese enterprise brought us advanced technology and products” People's Daily (Chinese)
7268: China, India could benefit from pharma ties Global Times (English)
Baogang to provide technical support for India’s steel giant China Daily (English)
7090: Smartphones could drive de-cashing in India Global Times (English)
Top 5 vendors in India’s smartphone market China Daily (English)
7024: Indian startups embrace the China angel Global Times (Chinese)
7023: Indian Media: Dragon’s encirclement has gone beyond “String of Pearls” Global Times (Chinese)
6987: Promoting Substantial Economic Cooperation between China and India China Daily (English)
6952: Shanxi investment promotion conference held in Mumbai, India People's Daily (Chinese)
6938: Communication and Innovation Are Required for Mutual Investment and Financial Cooperation between China and India China Daily (English)
6925: Chinese smartphone vendors investing in India China.org (English)
6865: China exports eight-inch chips to India China Daily (English)
6860: China exports eight-inch chips to India China.org (English)
India shouldn’t hype B&R’s political intent Global Times (English)
6723: How China-India trade can hit $500 billion Global Times (English)
6641: Who is yelling for boycott of Chinese goods in India? Global Times (Chinese)
6543: Diwali dampener Global Times (English)
6534: Delaying tariff concessions to Chinese imports will hurt, not help, Indian economy Global Times (English)
6529: Ministry of Commerce responds to Indian politicians’ call to boycott Chinese products People's Daily (English)
6521: India expected to stop boycott ECNS
6489: India expected to stop boycott Global Times (English)
6446: India, China face trade choices China.org (English)
6442: We are all little pebbles…… Global Times (Chinese)
6441: Indian media: Chinese goods are much more than just Diwali decorative items Global Times (Chinese)
6410: Chinese embassy: Boycott Chinese goods will do more harm to India Global Times (Chinese)
6377: Chinese mobile app startups set sail for overseas markets China Daily Asia
6371: Indian media: Boycott Chinese products campaign proves effective Global Times (Chinese)
6316: India offers rich prospects for infrastructure development Global Times (English)
6274: India may face an uphill battle as it attempts to woo Chinese component manufacturers Global Times (English)
6251: India appeals to Chinese mobile phone makers to “Make in India” Global Times (Chinese)
6231: China outdoes India in project management Global Times (English)
6176: India’s “Alipay” find China’s example People's Daily (Chinese)
6161: Indian Agricultural Development China Daily (English)
6139: Consulate event promotes upcoming business summit, opportunities for Chinese investment Global Times (English)
6133: India, the action zone China Daily (English)
6129: Xiaomi eyes big Indian prospects China.org (English)
6125: India, the action zone ECNS
6122: Pangu think tank releases Indian business opportunities report Guangming Daily (Chinese)
6108: Indian boycott of Chinese goods results in little political effect Global Times (English)
6091: Xiaomi hits fast track in India, selling 1 million phones in 18 days China Daily (English)
6090: Xiaomi hits fast track in India, selling 1 million phones in 18 days China Daily (English)
6087: Boycotting Chinese goods? India is just saying that Global Times (Chinese)
6079: India weighs pros and cons of boycotting Chinese goods Global Times (Chinese)
6050: Chinese companies should focus on domestic resources rather than investing in India Global Times (English)
5921: Trend is for Indian companies to invest more in China in a broad range of sectors Global Times (English)
5873: Xi: Keep working with India on railways, business parks China Daily (English)
5852: Let Indian readers read more quality Chinese books People's Daily (Chinese)
5829: India must upgrade its industrial structure in order to tackle trade imbalance with China Global Times (English)
5788: Indian media: Why calls for “boycott of Chinese products” are bound to fail Global Times (Chinese)
5773: Opportunities in India are abundant, but so are risks Global Times (English)
5771: India boycott hasn’t hurt China goods Global Times (English)
5770: New connection Global Times (English)
5745: How to deal with the 3 major hurdles for investing in India Global Times (Chinese)
5717: Business as usual, say Indian vendors ECNS
5715: China invites India to join Sri Lanka Port City project Global Times (Chinese)
5661: Business as usual, say Indian vendors Global Times (English)
5591: 4th China-India Strategic Economic Dialogue held in New Delhi People's Daily (Chinese)
5422: Taking countermeasures to trade remedy probes does not mean China will increase protectionism Global Times (English)
5399: Opportunity pushes more Chinese firms into India ECNS
5248: China’s firms must understand Indian laws Global Times (English)
5247: China needs to worry about effect of India industrial transfer on production chain Global Times (English)
5214: Huawei begins making phones in India China Daily (English)
5212: Speech by Mohammed Saqib China.org (English)
5205: Huawei begins making phones in India ECNS
5107: China should reduce production costs for manufacturers as competition with India grows Global Times (English)
5070: Political mistrust between China and India threatens booming business ties Global Times (English)
5024: Yang Jiechi Holds Discussion with Representatives from Indian Industry, Commerce and Culture Sectors Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
China willing to enhance cooperation with India’s State of Maharashtra: Chinese state councilor Xinhua net
4977: With opportunities, geography and social conditions favouring, it’s the right time to invest in India Global Times (Chinese)
4976: I am “suffering but happy” in India Global Times (Chinese)
4815: “Chinese enterprise has brought advanced technology and management” People's Daily (Chinese)
4722: Chinese smartphone makers should avoid price wars to ensure development in India’s market Global Times (English)
4520: Chinese smartphones expand Indian market People's Daily (Chinese)
4505: China-India relations aren’t simply black and white Global Times (English)
Chinese vendors driving India’s smartphone market ECNS
4427: India-China production capacity ties don’t mean exporting Chinese polluting industries Global Times (English)
Chinese vendors driving India’s smartphone market China Daily (English)
China’s leading train maker launches operation in India China Daily (English)
4412: China and India to jointly produce locomotive engines People's Daily (Chinese)
4377: China, India see new opportunities for economic co-op China.org (English)
4320: Star power Global Times (English)
4250: India should adopt an open attitude toward the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Global Times (English)
4186: China, India to support each other in organizing G20, BRICS summits: FM China.org (English)
4185: China, India to support each other in organizing G20, BRICS summits: FM China.org (English)
China’s controversial ‘straddling bus’ inspires Indian PM ECNS
4105: Spotlight: Experts call for China-Nepal-India trilateral cooperation to boost Asian economy Xinhua net
China’s controversial ‘straddling bus’ inspires Indian PM China Daily (English)
4025: India should focus on preserving good economic ties with China, rather than on the S.China Sea Global Times (English)
4024: Indian visa policy should look to long term Global Times (English)
4002: China, India see new opportunities for economic co-op China.org (English)
3936: India’s smartphone market can’t rival China Global Times (English)
3932: Baidu, Xiaomi bullish on India People's Daily (English)
3930: Baidu, Xiaomi bullish on India China Daily Asia
3925: Baidu, Xiaomi bullish on India ECNS
3882: New Delhi’s visa restriction at its own cost Global Times (English)
3849: India may rival China over energy supplies Global Times (English)
3847: India looks to closer China trade relations China Daily (English)
3818: Chinese smartphones dominate a fourth of Indian market Global Times (Chinese)
Fosun to buy 86% stake in India’s Gland Pharma China.org (English)
3647: Seminar on deepening China-India cooperation held in Beijing China Daily (English)
3551: China and India have totally different approaches to science Global Times (English)
3525: China won’t begrudge India its influence in Africa Global Times (English)
3400: India’s protectionist bent and weak state cast doubt over steel-building ambitions Global Times (English)
3348: US trying to sow discord between China and India but people can’t beat the trend Global Times (Chinese)
China responds to India’s trade remedy measures China.org (English)
Opportunities in manufacturing are India’s to take in next two decades Global Times (English)
3025: China Industrial Park in India launched Global Times (English)
3008: India industry park to help SMEs Global Times (English)
India looks to China’s technology for making clouds rain China Daily (English)
2917: India needs to clear red tape to reap the trade benefits of Chinese industrial parks Global Times (English)
2861: Yiwu attracts large number of Indian businessmen trying to make a fortune Global Times (Chinese)
Indian media: China’s “Marine Silk Road” wants to link India’s “Season Plan”. Global Times (Chinese)
Chinese enterprises in India pursuing new “Internet legend” Global Times (Chinese)
Apple CEO’s visit to India to tap market potential Global Times (Chinese)
2475: Chinese firms seen flocking to India Global Times (English)
2304: Going in groups to India for buying medicines, is it reliable? Global Times (Chinese)
2251: Promoting cooperation between Shanghai and major Indian cities Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
2180: Indian Media: Chinese firm might help India to build tallest government building Global Times (Chinese)
2178: LeEco launches first “Made for India” mobile phone People's Daily (Chinese)
China proposes to build world’s 2nd longest high-speed rail line in India ECNS
Indian and Chinese mobile Internet branded with  “China’s stamp” People's Daily (Chinese)
1830: China urges India to strictly follow WTO rules on anti-dumping investigations Xinhua (English)
1778: Chief Minister of Telangana of India holds a conference with CGGC China Daily (English)
1769: China-made tunnel boring machine to be exported to India People's Daily (English)
1749: China India Corporate Dialogue held in Changsha China Daily (English)
1704: India to reconsider investment policies towards Chinese enterprises Global Times (Chinese)
1698: India will suffer if security checks on Chinese firms tighten: expert Global Times (English)
1690: Xiaomi leads investment in Indian media firm Global Times (English)
1641: China and India rewrite rules of world oil order Global Times (Chinese)
1632: Concerns emerge about cheap Chinese imports hurting Indian manufacturers Global Times (English)
1447: Xiaomi releases its new mobile phone in India Guangming Daily (Chinese)
Chinese companies very “timely” for Indian start ups Global Times (Chinese)
Chinese capital a “friend in need” for Indian startups Global Times (Chinese)
1343: IKEA testing the waters in India Global Times (Chinese)
1262: Modi asked the officials to step up lend from AIIB. Global Times (Chinese)
China set to participate in India’s smart city mission starting from Solapur Xinhua (English)
1148: Chinese car companies to produce cars in India Global Times (Chinese)
1109: Hundreds of Chinese enterprises in one Indian province Global Times (Chinese)
Xi jinping’s message for the opening ceremony of India’s “China tourism year” 2016 PLA Daily (Chinese)
Xi jinping’s message for the opening ceremony of India’s “China tourism year” 2016 Guangming Daily (Chinese)
Xi jinping’s message for the opening ceremony of India’s “China tourism year” 2016 People's Daily (Chinese)
1044: Modi announces “Start-up India and Stand-up India” plans, more Chinese internet funds ready to make money in India 21st Century Economic Report
1038: India-China Business and Investment Forum inaugurated Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
986: Ctrip.com invests in Indian travel company Xinhua (English)
Exclusive interview with CFO of Larsen & Toubro: India eager for China’s technologies, not just funds China Business News (Yicai.com)
888: Indian organizations sign up for non-Chinese kite lines Global Times (Chinese)
“China-India Development Roundtable 2015” held in Beijing Guangming Daily (Chinese)
758: Establishing Chinese brands in India through cricket Global Times (Chinese)
Chinese giants’ (BAT) eyes on India not only for e-commerce Global Times (Chinese)
Indian (central) government cautions West Bengal (government) not to “cozy up to China” Global Times (Chinese)
Indian media complains Diwali festival lit by “Made in China” Global Times (Chinese)
623: A Survey of the business environment faced by Chinese private-owned companies setting up units in India:, pioneers mindful of every detail Global Times (Chinese)
611: Importing from China can complement Indian manufacturing Global Times (English)
527: Local Chinese cell phone brand becomes “highbrow” after blending with an Indian firm Journal Not Selected
496: “Made in China” meets “Make in India”: In search of connections amid adaption and integration Global Magazine
485: Why should India be afraid of Chinese Goods? Global Times (Chinese)
479: India simplifies visa application screening for Chinese tourists Global Times (Chinese)
471: China steps into India’s high-speed railway market
[China grabs a share of India’s high-speed rail projects]
Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
469: Indian Media: Chinese apps depend on utilities to win Global Times (Chinese)
463: China firm gains contract on feasibility study for Indian high-speed railway Xinhua net
459: China’s economic pain cannot be India’s gain Global Times (English)
456: Indian Finance Minister: India-China economic relations now a symbol of strength Global Times (Chinese)
455: Chinese Cell Phone Brands: Battles in India Journal Not Selected
453: India’s “Diamond Capital” threatened by China Global Times (Chinese)
446: Saying India can match China is like saying a mouse can pull a tractor Global Times (Chinese)
434: Can India benefit from Chinese economic slowdown? Think twice Global Times (English)
431: To fix its economy, India must stop obsessing over China Global Times (Chinese)
415: China luring Indian pharmaceutical scientists with 3 times higher pay Global Times (Chinese)
393: India gives security clearance to 18 Chinese companies Global Times (Chinese)
384: New Xiaomi phone presages the future of the Sino-Indian economy Global Times (English)
372: Lenovo is top-selling Chinese smartphone in India China Daily (English)
363: Chinese manufacturers setting up plants abroad Global Times (English)
272: Foxconn’s journey to India beset with difficulties Global Times (Chinese)
238: Chinese mobile phone in India, win the market by quality Global Times (Chinese)
222: Wanda’s investment in India encounters “land problem” Global Times (Chinese)
205: Indian Highways Present A New Opportunity for China’s “Go Global” Strategy website Sina Finance
176: Can Chinese Enterprises “Make In India”? Southern Weekly
166: India media disappointed as the Chinese side did not give electronic visa to Indian tourists on a reciprocal basis. Global Times (Chinese)
165: Why are Jack Ma and India’s Prime Minister Modi having so many private conversations? Website Top News
163: Indian Prime Minister is keen on chasing Alibaba and Tencent, but why? Tianxia, Taiwan
158: Hope to participate in the project of “Make in India” Qianjiang Evening News
156: India’s “Two-track" strategy Global Times (Chinese)
153: How Modi does business with China: high-speed train projects discussed. Journal Not Selected
145: China and India sign contracts worth $22 billion, Modi delivers speech in Forum, GaoHucheng and Yin Weimin attend Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
126: “Make in India” seeks meeting ground in China Global Times (Chinese)
Dragon and Elephant to meet: Highlights before Indian PM’s visit to China PLA Daily (Chinese)
109: Investment in India, the five things we are most worried about Global Times (English)
Indian media: China’s “Marine Silk Road” wants to link India’s “Season Plan”. Global Times (Chinese)
77: ADB: India to surpass China in economic growth this year Global Times (Chinese)
34: India is considering to relax the Investment of China Global Times (Chinese)
It is not a bad thing that India’s economic growth catches with China. Guangming Daily (Chinese)