India to give “hardship allowance” to doctors Global Times (Chinese)
13174: Indian businessman dies after excessive hair transplantation Global Times (Chinese)
150 dead in ‘spurious liquor tragedy’ in India Global Times (Chinese)
12966: Over 100 dead in spurious liquor incident in India People's Daily (Chinese)
12965: Spurious liquor leaves 97 dead in India Global Times (Chinese)
12916: HELIUM (BALLOON) BOY (INDIA) Global Times (Chinese)
12859: 200 million Indians on strike seeking rise in minimum wage Global Times (Chinese)
12842: 19 million people apply for jobs in Indian Railways Global Times (Chinese)
12772: 49 suicides in 5 years in noted (countering) poverty studies school in India Global Times (Chinese)
12729: At least 11 dead in food poisoning case in Indian temple Global Times (Chinese)
Luxurious wedding of daughter of Asia’s richest man Global Times (Chinese)
12659: 750 kilograms of onions sold for 105 yuan? Indian farmers donate income in anger and protest Global Times (Chinese)
12655: Huge competitive pressure on Indian students Global Times (Chinese)
12621: India limits maximum weight of school bags Global Times (Chinese)
12572: Bollywood superstar repays loans of thousands of Indian farmers Global Times (Chinese)
12441: Main cause of air pollution in India: cooking on fire Global Times (Chinese)
12423: 50,000 casualties in subway in India in three years Global Times (Chinese)
12418: India: monkeys smash bricks to kill old man Global Times (Chinese)
Modi announces “world’s largest” healthcare insurance Global Times (Chinese)
12297: 800,000 infant and toddler casualties in India last year Global Times (Chinese)
12292: India: One sewer cleaner dies every five days Global Times (Chinese)
12271: Indian biometric identification cards suspected of causing starvation deaths of poor Global Times (Chinese)
12187: INDIAN TRAINS NEMESIS OF CATTLE Global Times (Chinese)
Modi’s super health insurance scheme stuns India Global Times (Chinese)
12109: Easy for Hotel Management students to find jobs in India Global Times (Chinese)
11923: water crisis in Bangalore is severe People's Daily (Chinese)
Father and son cheat investors of millions by wearing “space suits” Global Times (Chinese)
11872: Stray dogs bite and kill 6 children in India Global Times (Chinese)
11865: Indian trains found to be making tea with toilet water Global Times (Chinese)
Indian parents’ anxiety: Fear of losing their child “right from the beginning” Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
11647: Passenger off loaded by Indigo Airlines because he complained of mosquitoes Global Times (Chinese)
New Indian “block-buster” movie tackles (theme of) choice of school Global Times (Chinese)
11587: Monkey steals baby boy in India, police still searching Global Times (Chinese)
11459: Strange thing in India: Quarter of rural children habituated to chewing tobacco Global Times (Chinese)
India “Silicon Valley” faces water shortage, no water even 450 meters underground Global Times (Chinese)
11390: Indian doctor goes so far as to let wounded person sleep on his broken leg Global Times (Chinese)
11275: Free breast implants for poor women in richest province of India Global Times (Chinese)
11259: Indian state offers free breast implants to poor Global Times (English)
11106: Dominos Employee Quits Job After Winning 9,43,49,014 USD On Smart Phone During Break! China Daily (English)
11095: Indian man dies after asphyxiation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging facility Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “foolish old man who set out to move the mountain” to enable son to go to school Global Times (Chinese)
Marvel of Mumbai “dabbawalas” lunch box deliveries Jiefang Daily
Indian media envy China’s “toilet revolution” Global Times (Chinese)
“Alive baby after being declared dead” reflects alarming abyss of hospitals in India Global Times (Chinese)
10269: India free distribution of welfare schemes triggers public resentment Global Times (Chinese)
10260: Looking for a manhole cover Global Times (Chinese)
10150: In the absence of welfare, religious sects continue to fill the void in India Global Times (Chinese)
9953: Oxygen shortage deaths in India shock the world Global Times (Chinese)
Humans and animals trade “a life for a life” in India Global Times (Chinese)
Climate warming cause of Indian farmers’ suicides? Global Times (Chinese)
9848: Indians go crazy at unaffordable tomatoes Global Times (Chinese)
9813: Price of tomatoes skyrockets in India, armed guards to protect tomatoes against robbery Global Times (Chinese)
9812: India: Collapse of residential building kills12 Guangming Daily (Chinese)
9811: Rescue work (at residential building collapse in Mumbai) Global Times (Chinese)
9797: Photo item on hand pulled rickshaw wading through flood waters People's Daily (Chinese)
Indian city starts ‘signal school’ for street kids China Daily Asia
8632: Injured crying for help after accident in India as bystanders preferred filming him Xinhua net
8585: Bigger land holdings key to preventing farmer suicides in India, activists say China Daily Asia
8382: Night soil generated each day on Indian streets enough to fill 16 Boeing aircrafts Global Times (Chinese)
8285: 1st LD Writethru: 8 die as boat capsizes in Ganges river in eastern India (English)
8284: Urgent: 6 die in stampede in eastern India (English)
8193: As pollution continues to take a toll, Indians speak out about its effects between Beijing and Delhi Global Times (English)
8175: India orders probe into allegations of poor-quality food served to border guards Xinhua net
8160: India probes allegations of police rapes of tribal women China Daily (English)
8135: In pics: cold winter days in India Xinhua net
8062: Why migration is killing babies in Indian village Global Times (English)
8020: Indian minister faces backlash over comments Global Times (English)
8017: Dense fog disrupts air, train services in Indian capital Global Times (English)
7937: Benefits of Indian cash overhaul elusive as deadline passes China Daily Asia
7491: Dense fog envelops major northern parts of India Xinhua net
7478: Animals under the weather Journal Not Selected
7405: Indians find solutions for toxic pollution China Daily Asia
7359: People queue outside banks to withdraw cash in India Global Times (English)
7344: Fog disrupts over 100 flights in Indian capital Global Times (English)
7327: Indians busy to withdraw cash in New Delhi Xinhua net
Indian film ‘exploited’ the plight of garment workers China Daily Asia
7243: Human trafficking probe widens in India China Daily Asia
7121: Sudden currency move spoils business at Indian food market China Daily Asia
7047: Wedding cash withdrawals okayed in India after notes ban China Daily Asia
Indian Supreme Court refuses to stay govt’s demonetisation move Global Times (English)
6797: Rumours of salt shortage triggers panic buying among Indians Global Times (English)
6722: Delhi shuts schools to tackle pollution China Daily (English)
Pollution is so bad in New Delhi people are taking ‘smog selfies’ ECNS
6645: Authorities in Indian capital closes schools for three days as air quality worsens Xinhua net
6644: Heavy haze hits New Delhi, India Xinhua net
6633: New Delhi chokes Global Times (English)
6624: Heavy haze hits New Delhi, India Guangming Daily (English)
6619: Other Indian cities join Delhi in air pollution emergency China Daily Asia
6612: Heavy haze hits New Delhi, India (English)
6600: Authorities in Indian capital closes schools for three days as air quality worsens Global Times (English)
6584: Delhi shuts schools to tackle pollution China Daily Asia
India’s capital grapples with toxic winter air pollution China Daily Asia
6566: India rape victim alleges police asked her humiliating questions Global Times (English)
Disparity between the rich and the poor hinders India’s social development People's Daily (Chinese)
6429: Indian capital chokes after overnight Diwali fireworks (English)
6416: Moving on Global Times (English)
6365: Indian government issues health alerts in wake of bird flu Global Times (English)
Death toll from Japanese encephalitis in India’s Odisha rises to 54 Xinhua net
5814: Old is gold China Daily Asia
5811: Old is gold China Daily Asia
5758: Asia: Female genital mutilation pervasive China Daily Asia
Japanese encephalitis claims 38 lives in 4 weeks in India’s Odisha Xinhua net
393 elephants dies in India’s Odisha during last 5 years: authorities Xinhua net
India’s rights panel issues notice to Madhya Pradesh gov’t over malnutrition deaths Xinhua net
India’s rights panel issues notice to Madhya Pradesh gov’t over malnutrition deaths Global Times (English)
5306: Rain hits Kolkata of Indian state West Bengal Xinhua net
5124: Traditional irrigation keeps water flowing in India China Daily Asia
4951: Loan slave Global Times (English)
4940: Indian girls attacked with acid days China Daily Asia
4913: Violence in south India over water-sharing China Daily Asia
4852: Indian man sentenced to death for acid attack on woman China Daily Asia
4848: Indian court sentences man to death for fatal acid attack on woman (English)
4834: India sentences man to death for acid attack Global Times (English)
4736: People of India consider going to toilet as socializing Global Times (Chinese)
Safety tip from India’s tourism minister: Don’t wear skirts ECNS
Heavy rains bring Indian capital to standstill, delays Kerry’s town hall address Global Times (English)
4604: Shocking video of Indian hospital staff ill-treating a dead body Global Times (Chinese)
4447: Hard to find any elegance in India’s Ladies Special Trains Global Times (Chinese)
4267: Indian PM gives himself a pat on the back for building 20 million toilets Xinhua net
Slow progress in India’s toilet mission Journal Not Selected
4136: Indian doctors charged in kidney harvesting racket China Daily Asia
4100: Worming out parasites Global Times (English)
3964: India’s “bloody ghost mines” shock the world Global Times (Chinese)
3942: India gang rape victim family threatens suicide if guilty not punished Global Times (English)
3922: New gang rape puts question mark on woman safety, police efficiency in India Global Times (English)
Delhi’s elderly live in fear of crime China Daily (English)
3884: India flooding kills 96, forces 1 million into relief camps China Daily Asia
3883: India flooding kills 96, forces 1 million into relief camps China Daily Asia
3836: Indian court convicts film director for raping U.S. researcher (English)
3779: Destitute Indian farmers commit suicide; administrator blames it on “ghosts”! Global Times (Chinese)
3652: UNICEF calls for urgent action to protect girls, women from sexual violence (English)
3632: Indian rights organization trains 30 Muslim women to be judges Global Times (English)
3616: Gang rape victim raped again by same accused in India Xinhua net
3605: Gang rape victim raped again by same accused in India (English)
3569: Deaths from bootleg hooch rise to 21 in northern India Global Times (English)
3529: Indian state passes ‘fat tax’ Global Times (English)
3496: 22 die in floods in central India Global Times (English)
3286: Indian surrogate industry may be transferred to Cambodia Global Times (Chinese)
3285: Flock of children fish out coins from the Ganges River Global Times (Chinese)
3198: Indian temple feeds 20000 mice Global Times (Chinese)
Sixty thousand juveniles went “missing” in India last year Global Times (Chinese)
2370: Water crisis Global Times (English)
2307: India’s free public health care system good only to look at Global Times (Chinese)
2306: WHO report says 4 Indian cities among 10 most polluted in world Xinhua net
2055: Indian summer has begun earlier than usual People's Daily (Chinese)
1960: 150 dead as heat wave sweeps India—official Xinhua net
Boy drowns in well while fetching water in India’s drought-hit Maharashtra Xinhua net
1932: Over 160 die due to heat wave in India Xinhua net
India gov’t says 330 million people affected by drought Xinhua net
1715: Indian scholar: poor students have more life experience Global Times (Chinese)
1711: 70 die due to heat wave in southern India Global Times (English)
1496: In Mumbai the stray dog problem is more serious than terror attacks Global Times (Chinese)
1490: Can budget favor lift Indian farmers’ pain? Global Times (English)
1476: Girl raped, set ablaze by neighbour in India Xinhua net
1465: Indian Minister faces blame of ignoring to help injured in road accident Xinhua net
India’s student leader arrested on sedition charge Xinhua net
Indian gov’t issues advisory to states on swine flu Global Times (English)
Deadly swine-flu claims 34 lives in India’s Rajasthan Global Times (English)
Deadly swine-flu claims 34 lives in India’s Rajasthan Xinhua net
3 killed, 9 wounded in stone quarry mine blast in India’s Uttar Pradesh Xinhua net
1393: Indian man hangs himself after murdering family Global Times (Chinese)
1325: Left-wing Indian student protests herald new era of culture war for Modi Global Times (English)
1324: A lesson from caste-triggered India unrest Global Times (English)
1278: Sassoon Dock fish market in Mumbai Xinhua (English)
1254: India announces its cleanest, dirtiest cities Xinhua (English)
1250: 10 killed when trailer runs over religious activities in central India Xinhua (English)
India’s top court to review ruling on criminalizing homosexuality Xinhua (English)
1185: Indian official calls for change on sex determination tests to curb female foeticide Xinhua (English)
Accidental blast kills 2 border guards in India’s Rajasthan Xinhua (English)
1169: 3 sentenced to death for gang-rape, murder in India Xinhua (English)
1161: Indian PM stresses importance of Khadi Xinhua (English)
1159: Heavy smog hits Mumbai, India Xinhua (English)
1147: Eating aboard Indian trains Global Times (Chinese)
1083: In pics: Fruit market in India Xinhua net
1068: Bird flu resurfaces in Agartala, India Xinhua (English)
1052: India’s poorest state Bihar levies luxury tax on street food Global Times (Chinese)
1043: 1 killed, 3 injured in landslide in eastern India (English)
1033: 45 whales die on shores in southern India Xinhua (English)
1031: Migrant laborers work at brick factory in Nepal Xinhua (English)
1025: 3 killed, 12 injured as school bus falls into ditch in Northern India Xinhua (English)
1023: Plate policy not enough to curb Delhi’s smog Global Times (English)
1019: 3 children charred to death in fire in Indian capital Xinhua (English)
1014: In pics: warm winter in India due to El Nino Xinhua (English)
994: 10 killed, 28 injured in road mishap in southern India Xinhua (English)
Air India flight’s tyre deflates while landing in central India, all passengers safe Xinhua (English)
952: Strong quake hits NE India, no casualties reported yet Xinhua (English)
Fire breaks out in hospital in India’s Mumbai Xinhua (English)
932: Dense fog shrouds northern India in winter Xinhua (English)
923: Many trapped in construction collapse in Northern India Xinhua (English)
913: Fire kills 1, engulfs 150 shanties in India Xinhua (English)
884: 10 Indian security force personnel killed in plane crash in Delhi Xinhua (English)
883: 2 killed when plane crashes in Indian capital Xinhua (English)
875: Juvenile convict in Delhi gang rape of 2012 released from jail Xinhua (English)
874: Release of Delhi gangrape juvenile convict sparks protests Xinhua (English)
866: Air India ground engineer sucked into aircraft engine in Mumbai Xinhua (English)
815: 13 killed in train-jeep collision in eastern India Xinhua (English)
808: 6 die after consuming spurious liquor in southern India Xinhua (English)
801: Western Indian state: primary schoolbag weight cannot exceed 10% of student’s weight Global Times (Chinese)
794: Indian PM leaves for southern city of Chennai to take stock of floods Xinhua (English)
792: Indian soldiers send to rescue work in Chennai Xinhua (English)
789: Roundup: Indian southern city of Chennai faces worst rains in 100 years Xinhua (English)
788: Flood rescue work underway in Chennai Xinhua (English)
786: Sri Lankan Airlines suspends flights to Chennai due to flooding Xinhua (English)
779: World AIDS Day observed in India Xinhua (English)
773: “Hanging on the outside” of Indian trains Global Times (Chinese)
751: Daily life in Goa, India Xinhua (English)
732: 170 killed in 2 weeks in rain-related incidents in southern India Xinhua (English)
India’s birth control policy: “two children only” Global Times (Chinese)
700: Only half of Indian children complete primary school Global Times (Chinese)
673: Nestle’s Maggi noodles return to India after ‘existential crisis’ Global Times (English)
8 quakes jolt India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands Xinhua (English)
664: Popular noodles back on shelves in India after lead scare China Daily (English)
647: Indian PM launches gold monetization scheme Xinhua (English)
577: Sri Lanka detains 34 Indian fishermen Xinhua net
570: Indian female college students protest dorm curfew Global Times (Chinese)
552: Indian president expresses concern over religious intolerance at home Xinhua net
India’s “Beef Politics” Global Times (Chinese)
547: New Delhi shocked at rape of two girls Global Times (Chinese)
545: Frequent gang rapes of young girls leave India shocked Global Times (Chinese)
543: Over 300 slum houses gutted in major fire in Indian capital Global Times (English)
539: India puzzled: Why Chinese people don’t like to travel to India? China Business News (
533: Poor status of Indian maids, miserable at home and abroad and forgotten by society. Global Times (Chinese)
526: India’s Modi calls beef killing ‘unwelcome’ as intolerance concerns grow Global Times (English)
522: Indian police arrest main suspect in 4-year-old’s rape Global Times (English)
Indian “killer” roads make widow villages Global Times (Chinese)
509: India says arm chopping-off of a maid in Saudi Arabia as unacceptable
Indian maid cut on right leg, Foreign Minister Swaraj condemns Saudi employer
Xinhua net
505: Death toll of Indians in Mecca stampede rises to 74 Xinhua net
499: 3 Indian military troopers, militant killed in separate gunfights in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
477: Indian aristocrat’s grandchildren win long battle for riches Global Times (English)
470: Indian drunken man buried alive by careless road construction workers Global Times (Chinese)
461: 2.3 million people vying for 368 jobs in India Global Times (Chinese)
455: “Meat ban” order in India encounters stiff resistance Global Times (Chinese)
454: Air India grounds overweighed attendants Global Times (Chinese)
452: Hundreds died in a restaurant explosion in India Global Times (Chinese)
451: Gas tank explosion kills 90 in India Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
437: 20 killed by lightning in southern India Global Times (English)
434: Indian PM inaugurates new metro line in capital region Global Times (English)
432: Big strike in India to “challenge” reform
[Global Times: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions]
[Xinhua: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions]
Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
431: Indians simmer with rage on “infants’ deaths” Global Times (Chinese)
429: Indian heat wave kills more than 2200 Guangming Daily (Chinese)
420: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions
[Big strike in India to “challenge” reform]
[Global Times: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions]
Xinhua net
416: Unemployment, youthful population drive riots in Modi’s former province Global Times (English)
408: India declared tetanus free for mothers, newborns: Modi Xinhua net
404: A truck-train collision in India kills six People's Daily (Chinese)
382: Permission for suicide’ protest puts Indian government on spot Global Times (English)
379: “Digital India” in urgent need of bridging developmental gap People's Daily (Chinese)
373: 20,000 Indian peasants ask the President to “grant death” Global Times (Chinese)
362: Need to have a toilet at home to be a rural cadre in India Global Times (Chinese)
359: Two derailed trains kill 31 in India People's Daily (Chinese)
355: 32 killed, 70 injured in twin rail mishaps in C. India Xinhua net
Pakistan lodges protest over India’s cross-border shelling Xinhua net
341: 40 killed in rain-related incidents in E. India Xinhua net
India’s decision to hang the criminal of Mumbai bombings sparks controversy Global Times (Chinese)
335: India hangs 1993 Mumbai bomber:Execution 22 years after blasts spurs public debate Global Times (English)
334: 2 Indian children killed, 4 injured as train engine smashes school van Global Times (English)
333: India executes man for role in 1993 Mumbai blasts Xinhua net
331: India executes man for role in 1993 Mumbai blasts Xinhua net
329: Death toll in rain-related incidents in western Indian state reaches 22 Xinhua net
328: Muslim terrorist files fresh mercy plea day before hanging Xinhua net
327: 2 killed in building collapse near Mumbai Xinhua net
Indian Supreme Court rejects Muslim terrorist’s last-ditch plea to stay his execution Xinhua net
322: Roundup: Indian police station attack kills 10 Xinhua (English)
310: 9 killed by lightning in east India Xinhua (English)
303: 13 died, 22 affected by Japanese Encephalitis in NE India Xinhua net
301: Wind turbine producer Vestas gets 46mw order in India Xinhua net
299: 3/4 of condemned criminals in India are from the lower class people Global Times (Chinese)
293: India to hang Muslim terrorist July 30 after apex court rejects plea Xinhua net
278: Exam cheating in India leads to serial homicide cases People's Daily (Chinese)
277: 27 killed in a stampede in Andhra Pradesh, India People's Daily (Chinese)
275: Modi expressed heartfelt sadness over stampede tragedy Global Times (Chinese)
Indian capital’s airport put on alert after bomb call Xinhua net
264: India Is Behind China in Building Its Middle Class Global Times (Chinese)
253: India inquiries into fake diplomas Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
252: Cheating in medical exams:India mirrors shortage of educational resources People's Daily (Chinese)
246: Medical tourism, a dark horse fuels Indian economic growth Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
243: India Floods Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
235: 33 die after consuming spurious liquor in Mumbai Global Times (English)
227: India: Chinese tour guides in great demand Global Times (Chinese)
224: India tries first batch of “money-distributing public toilets” Global Times (Chinese)
207: Over 1,100 die in heat wave across India Global Times (English)
198: Highest temperature reaches 48℃, Over 500 die in heat wave in India Jiefang Daily
197: Thousands die in rare heat wave in India Global Times (Chinese)
196: Indian high official accused of using child labour Global Times (Chinese)
191: More than 430 dead as Indian heat wave extends People’s Daily
190: 11 killed, 20 injured in road mishap in western India Global Times (English)
188: Over 150 die in heat wave in southern India Global Times (English)
187: 400 die in heat wave across India Global Times (English)
183: The lesson from China’s health care system for India Global Times (Chinese)
115: Free CT scans await Indians Global Times (Chinese)
96: India: Heat wave toll rises to 2,207 Global Times (English)
76: Indian examination system under scrutiny as Indian parents turn “Spiderman”, climb walls, cling to windows to help children cheat Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
27: Indian bride hired big monkeys to defend the wedding. Global Times (Chinese)
14: Indian police discovered hundreds of mysterious bones. Global Times (Chinese)