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Indian hero police (officer) “runs amuck with bullets” Global Times (Chinese)
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9424: Indian Minister Climbs Tree to Talk on Phone China Daily (English)
8638: Jilted lover sets himself, woman ablaze inside college in India Xinhua net
8623: 8 policemen killed, 5 wounded in landmine blast in Odisha Global Times (English)
8613: jilted lover sets himself, woman ablaze inside college in India China.org (English)
8610: International Kolkata Book Fair held in India Xinhua net
8331: Indian man picks up 50 kilograms of nails thrown by tyre repair companies Global Times (Chinese)
8292: 6 die in stampede at religious festival in eastern India Global Times (English)
8284: Urgent: 6 die in stampede in eastern India China.org (English)
8032: Man kills 10 family members in northern India, hangs himself China.Org (English)
8017: Dense fog disrupts air, train services in Indian capital Global Times (English)
7968: Conjoined but cared for Global Times (English)
7862: 4 arrested for raping US tourist in Indian capital China Daily (English)
7861: Indian police arrest four men on charges of raping American tourist China Daily (English)
7858: 4 arrested for raping US tourist in Indian capital China.org (English)
People enjoy bird show in India’s Kolkata China.Org (English)
7554: Snowfall hits Indian-controlled Kashmir Guangming Daily (English)
7362: Woman dancer killed during marriage celebrations in India China.org (English)
7343: 5.2-magnitude quake hits 26km NNE of Dharchula, India Global Times (English)
7194: Japanese tourist raped in southern India China.org (English)
6797: Rumours of salt shortage triggers panic buying among Indians Global Times (English)
6673: Two Indian stunt men associated with film crew feared dead after jump goes awry Xinhua net
6645: Authorities in Indian capital closes schools for three days as air quality worsens Xinhua net
6644: Heavy haze hits New Delhi, India Xinhua net
6581: Angry villagers burnt alive leopard in India China.org (English)
India’s Tata Group feud shocks Parsis China Daily Asia
Indian gov’t refutes allegations of tapping phones of judges Xinhua net
6365: Indian government issues health alerts in wake of bird flu Global Times (English)
6214: Bird flu returns Global Times (English)
6116: Delhi Zoo shuts down over avian flu deaths Global Times (English)
6092: Indian airline introduces child-free “quite zones” Global Times (Chinese)
393 elephants dies in India’s Odisha during last 5 years: authorities Xinhua net
5292: Indian man bitten by python while posing for selfie Global Times (English)
5124: Traditional irrigation keeps water flowing in India China Daily Asia
5107: India launches hotline to tackle surge in child porn China Daily Asia
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4936: Two elephants electrocuted in east India ECNS
Mother Teresa’s canonisation celebrated in NE India Global Times (English)
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4631: No one injured in passenger train derailment in southern India Xinhua net
4620: No one injured in passenger train derailment in southern India Global Times (English)
4493: Indian has 40 knives removed from stomach China.org (English)
4489: Indian has 40 knives removed from stomach China.org (English)
Doctors in India remove 40 knives from man’s stomach China Daily Asia
4332: India’s air pollution death rate to outpace China’s Global Times (English)
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India’s Dr. Death injects six to death Xinhua net
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4156: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan detained at U.S. airport China Daily Asia
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4075: Cobra snakes rescued from snake charmers in India Xinhua net
3991: 14 killed in terror attack in NE India Global Times (English)
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3955: Indian film director gets 7 years imprisonment for raping U.S. researcher Xinhua net
Delhi’s elderly live in fear of crime China Daily (English)
Deaths of child workers in India’s mica China Daily Asia
Floods in India’s northeast kills 200 wild animals Xinhua net
3847: Indian court convicts film director for raping U.S. researcher Xinhua net
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3789: Passenger flight makes emergency landing at Mumbai airport Global Times (English)
3748: 7 killed, 12 injured after traffic accident in India Xinhua net
3728: 7 killed, 12 injured after traffic accident in India China.org (English)
3708: 25-year-old Israeli woman gangraped in northern India: police Global Times (English)
3656: Nepalese women wear green and yellow bangles to celebrate Shrawan month Guangming Daily (English)
3652: UNICEF calls for urgent action to protect girls, women from sexual violence China.org (English)
India arrests 2 for ‘raping woman for 2nd time’ China Daily Asia
3616: Gang rape victim raped again by same accused in India Xinhua net
3587: Indian rape survivor gang-raped again by same men; police hunt suspects Global Times (English)
3438: Building collapse kills 4 during demolition drive in India Xinhua net
3411: People transferred to safe area after rainfall in NE India Xinhua net
3350: Funeral of killed Indian girl held in N India Xinhua net
3253: Monsoon to arrive in Indian capital over weekend Xinhua net
3180: India to send largest ever contingent to Rio Olympics Xinhua net
3162: One killed in crude bomb blast in eastern India Global Times (English)
3156: Daily life of Indian Muslims during holy month of Ramadan Xinhua net
3112: 2 students charged with attempted murder over ragging incident in India Global Times (English)
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3029: Traditional irrigation keeps water flowing in India China Daily Asia
2992: Demand for boats increase during monsoon in India Xinhua net
2909: Like a fish in water Global Times (English)
30 killed after bus falls into deep gorge in India’s Meghalaya Xinhua net
2903: Passenger planes catches fire in southern India, all safe China Daily (English)
2794: Indian President stresses need for more investment in research Xinhua net
2762: Indian PM greets Muslim community on beginning of Ramadan Xinhua net
2295: 72-year-old Indian woman gives birth to her first child Xinhua net
2093: Cute Tiny Elephant Struggles to Make a Quick Crossing with Help from Mom People's Daily (English)
India’s Tallest Schoolboy is 6ft 7in at 14 and He’s Looking for Love People's Daily (English)
1628: India confirms death of its national in Brussels terror attacks Xinhua net
1620: Passenger plane makes emergency landing in India Xinhua net
1590: Holi Festival celebrated in Vrindavan, India Xinhua net
1535: Air India flight evacuated after bomb threat Xinhua net
1520: Trains derails in central India with no casualty caused Xinhua net
1509: 40 million students in India pledge to save sparrows Xinhua net
1473: Indian authorities register money laundering case against liquor baron Global Times (English)
1465: Indian Minister faces blame of ignoring to help injured in road accident Xinhua net
1438: Rally held in India against arrest of students on sedition charges Xinhua net
Indian passenger plane’s landing gear fails at Mumbai airport Xinhua net
1235: Indian airline grounds crew for allowing Bollywood singer to make in-flight performance Xinhua (English)
1165: Statesman Vintage Car Rally held in E India Xinhua (English)
1148: Indian police detain Syrian national for overstay Xinhua (English)
1145: Indian woman police officer climbs highest peak in Antarctic Xinhua (English)
1143: Unclaimed bag triggers bomb scare on railway station in India Xinhua (English)
1134: Milan-bound Air India plane returns after smoke detected in cabin Xinhua (English)
1101: Legendary Indian dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai dies Xinhua net
Students stand in formation to show “2016” in Agartala Xinhua (English)
801: Western Indian state: primary schoolbag weight cannot exceed 10% of student’s weight Global Times (Chinese)
783: Breast cancer on steady rise in India Xinhua (English)
757: People-elephant conflict cause death of 350 people per year in India Global Times (Chinese)
Twins’ wedding: priests, grooms, brides, ring bearers, flower girls – all twins People's Daily (English)
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