The data base that the project features at present covers the newspapers/journals listed below in Sections I, II, III, IV and V.


I. Translations of all items on India (and countries in the SAARC region) in the following Chinese newspapers/journals/websites 

  1. People’s Daily (original Chinese edition)
  2. Global Times (original Chinese edition) — Huan Qiu Shi Bao
  3. Guangming Daily (original Chinese edition)
  4. PLA Daily (original Chinese edition)
  5. Jiefang Daily (published only in Chinese)
  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (Chinese) — since 1.1.2018
  7. Ministry of National defence website (Chinese) — since 1.1.2018

II.  Occasional translations of commentaries/articles on India (and countries in the SAARC region) in selected non- official newspapers/journals from China/Hong Kong as e.g. (illustrative list)

  • Caixin
  • Caijing
  • Beijing News
  • Outlook Weekly
  • Oriental Outlook
  • Global Magazine
  • Ming Bao (Hong Kong)
  • Phoenix Weekly (Hong Kong)
  • Reference News (Can Kao Xiao Xi)

III. Full texts of all items on India (and countries in the SAARC region) in the following English language Chinese publications/newsplatforms/websites: 

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  2. China Daily (English)
  3. Global Times (English) 
  4. People’s Daily (English)
  5. Guangming Daily (English)
  6. Military Online, i.e. PLA Daily (English)
  7. Xinhua (English) (referred to as ‘Xinhuanet’, the English language website of Xinhua)
  8. Beijing Review
  9. China.Org
  10. China News Service

IV.  Translations of selected items in other journals published outside China

Occasionally, very rarely in fact, articles from journals published outside China, but relevant to the theme of the project, are also featured. The October 8, 2015 item on domestic controversy in China on the role of foreign aid in Chinese foreign policy from the US  Brookings journal, and the October 12, 2015 interview of a leading Chinese academic on China and South Asia carried in the Kathmandu Post, are examples.

V.  Special Articles

Selected articles (from the Chinese media mainly, of various time periods, but also from the foreign press occasionally), chosen for their importance and general value in comprehending the Chinese approach and their system, is under preparation in parallel. It should be ready for being added to the repertoire before long.

N.B.  Updating and Thematic Coverage

Chinese: The data base is complete in all respects up to September (since commencement in May 2015) except for a gap in respect of PLA Daily items during the period October 1st to 15th, 2015. This is regretted, and efforts to make good on this omission are underway.

English: Entries in respect of the English language media of China (listed in Section III) are fully up to date all the way through.

(It should be noted, however, that entries in this category have been taken from the respective websites on a real-time basis only since August 2015. Prior to that, i.e. for the months May to July, 2015, they were collated through the ‘Search’ facility on the respective websites and so is dependent on the algorithm fed therein — they may not therefore correspond strictly, for research purposes, to those of August onwards. Also entries for the period January to April 2015 have been retro-fitted, i.e. added ex-post facto, for items in Chinese only, not for those in the English language platforms.)

From 1.1.2016, the project expanded its coverage to include also items on India’s  neighbouring countries in the SAARC region in the same set of newspapers etc. as specified above in its data base.

Themes: Specific themes are planned to be covered in the future. These will be announced as and when ready.